ngela Corman


Odain Alias: AngelaC


Homeworld: Detroit, 2060, Shadowrun continuity


Played By: MechaCrash


Physical Description:


Angela is five feet, six inches tall, with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has a rather... cookie-cutterish look to her. (Being a slave to fashion, combined with relative ease of plastic surgery, makes this type of thing somewhat common.) She also has a datajack in her left temple, which looks just like any other computer I/O port.


Powers: None.


Weaknesses: The standard of a human.




Angela is a skilled typist, and is also fairly good with a wide variety of database type programs. She is also fairly skilled with cyberterminals (enough so she can, say, fix a printer if the software is screwy, and can install programs, but couldn't write/debug something). However, these are irrelevant as she's unlikely to find a computer with which she would possibly be familiar.




Other than what she has in her purse (a few pictures, her credstick, a compact), she has her datajack (a very basic model, and useless without a computer), her cybereyes with a display link, and 30 megapulses of headware memory (which is filled with information relevant to her job as a "data entry specialist" and is therefore of little import). She can't alter the data in her headware memory in any way without a cyberdeck or cyberterminal of some sort.




Angela tries to maintain a bright and cheerful outlook on life, but she's lately started daydreaming about getting out of her rut, although getting dumped in Odain was certainly not what she had in mind. She'll try to stay optimistic (as only someone who's lived a sheltered life can), but that may or may not last long.


Connections: Angela had a boyfriend back in Detroit, but that's all.