Odain Alias: Apollonius


Played by: MechaCrash


Homeworld: Mars, ExoSquad reality, 2124 (the end of the second war) (A good ExoSquad site is here: http://www.stwing.upenn.edu/~pdanner/resolute2.shtml. Lotsa spoilers, you've been warned.)


Physical description:


Apollonius stands at eight and a half feet tall (yes, he's huge), is quite muscular, and has blue skin. On his forehead is a yellow, vaguely sunburst shaped marking, with a green triangle pointing inwards on each side. This is called a "brood marking," and is used to identify individual Neos. His hands have four fingers, with two opposable thumbs, and his feet have four toes. His eyes are red, and he can adjust his pupils consciously. (A picture of a Neo Sapien can be seen here: http://www.stwing.upenn.edu/~pdanner/exo/phaeton2.gif) He also has a cyberjack implanted into the base of his skull, it is about an inch high and two inches across.




Neo Sapiens are stronger, tougher, and faster than humans. Apollonius is generally on par with an Olympic athlete in these respects; he is slightly physically  _superior_, but lacks the training to use this superiority to its full potential. He also have superior senses and doesn't need sleep, or as much food, pound for pound, as a human would.




Neo sapiens have difficulty adapting to new situations, and new ideas. They also lack the creativity of Terrans. Also, anything that can take down a regular person can take down Apollonius. (It may take a bit more to get the job done, however.) Furthermore, due to their biochemistry, Neo Sapiens produce a pheromone which produces feelings of unease in dogs and similar animals. How this will affect individual anthro avatars remains to be seen.




Apollonius is a technician. He can repair any Neo Sapien exo frame, given the time and parts. If he had the proper diagrams, blueprints, or whatever, and the required components, he could possibly build or repair almost anything. However, if he doesn't have the right parts, he's out of luck. He simply cannot jury-rig a solution on his own.




He has a Neo Sapien infantry standard issue hand blaster, but it's out of power, and can't be recharged as the fuel cells are a unique Neo-Sapien design. Aside from the week's worth of rations and basic survival supplies (including spare clothes) he has in his backpack, he has nothing at all.




Apollonius lacks the condescension toward humans that many of his race seem to display, but he will generally seem rather detached, as Neo Sapien emotions are rather muted and seldom displayed.




Apollonius repaired e-frames in a Siberian base, simply because it was what he was made to do. He was, in fact, a sympathizer with the Terrans, but voicing such would have been labeled as treason. When his base was overrun in the last battle of the war, he somehow managed to escape. Not knowing what else to do, he joined one of the few pockets of Neo Sapien resistance, doing what little he could with what he had. However, they were flushed out rather quickly, and the leader of the small group ordered them to seek cover in a nearby cave. Apollonius was separated from his unit, and somehow wound up in Odain.


Connections: None in Odain.