Odain Alias: Beth


Homeworld: Earth variant subdimension


Played By: Ben-San Arizona


Physical Description:


Beth is a Caucasian woman who appears to be in her early-to-mid twenties. She has long dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes, and wears glasses. She is quite beautiful. She usually wears casual modern clothing, although lately she also tends towards a "gypsy" look as well, involving airy skirts and small jewelry accessories.




Beth acquired an interest in spirituality after the events that transpired between her and Vedoski Karensky in the Nexus, and has become a moderately proficient medium and user of gypsy-styled magic. This is primarily valuable for divination, although it can also be an effective weapon against spirits and can be used to help cure magical afflictions. Although gypsy magic can be used for curses, she hasn't studied this aspect of it. Additionally, as a medium, she has "second sight" and can see spirits and auras. Seeing someone's aura will show their level of magical/spiritual power, their general emotional state, and possibly aspects of their emotional nature. It also can be useful for seeing through disguises or illusions.




Beth is something of a jack-of-all-trades.. she never graduated college, instead choosing to live a more bohemian lifestyle. She's pretty good at whatever she tries, but isn't outstanding at most things. Notably, she is an excellent dancer, cook, and bartender; also notably, she doesn't know how to fight.


Weaknesses: Those associated with a normal woman.




Beth was brought to Odain with a suitcase full of clothing. The suitcase also contains a harmonica. She has a wallet in her pocket.




Beth is very friendly and gregarious, and is always willing to lend an ear, a hand, or a bit of friendly advice; she almost seems to wear her heart on her sleeve. If someone tries to make her do something, she's unlikely to do it, but she'll tackle tasks she sets for herself with enthusiasm and pride. She's very relaxed and accepting socially She _does_ have a dislike of vampires, stemming from her experiences in the Nexus with Vedoski.




She was a familiar face in the Nexus, and some people may remember her, particularly Ryni or Gadget.