illiam Blake


Odain alias: Blake 


Played By: JustinR [


Homeworld: StarCraft Universe 


Character Description:


Blake is around 5'10", with a rather slim, but wiry build. He has brown eyes, and long brown hair that reaches about midway down his back. He's dressed in a charcoal grey flightsuit, and black combat boots on. He has a small headset on with a microphone and a eye piece. He also has a belt with a wide variety of tools on it. He's quite handsome, if you can get part the fact he's a bit of an ass. 




No super human abilities. 




Blake is about as fallible as anyone else, and also has a tendency to run into dangerous situations without thinking. He also has a very decently sized ego that can be used against him. 




To put it simply, Blake is a wizard with machinery. He can fix most anything electronic, even without proper replacement parts. He's also a competent computer programmer, and can do a decent job with anything that has to do with repair (plumbing, woodwork, etc.), due to his long excursions away from civilization, and the subsequent need for handymen. He's also a very good mecha pilot. He also has the other abilities you'd expect of someone who went through basic training in the military. 




Blake has quite a few tools for repairing things, such as wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, and a small welder, circular saw, and several other tools. His most valuable piece of equipment, though, is as follows: 


  • SCV (Space Construction Vehicle): A nine to ten foot all power suit that's about as wide as it is tall. It has bulky arms and legs that aren't very mobile or quick, and two pylons in the back that house the mecha's jump jets, which are used to maneuver in space. The mecha has a large claw on one arm for carrying materials, and a Fusion Cutter on the other arm, for welding and cutting. It's fully airtight, and is built for one person only... but you could squeeze another person in, only it would hamper the pilot's ability to drive the vehicle. 




Blake fancies himself a hot shot. He's always wanted to pilot a Wraith or a Goliath or another machine of war, but got stuck with a repair vehicle. Still, he makes the best of it, always telling about how he rushed his unit into the think of battle to do emergency repairs on other vehicles. He has the whole cocky pilot attitude, and also considers himself quite the ladies' man, despite the fact he's only mildly charming at very best. 




Blake was the son of a higher-up in the Confederate army. Not wanting his son to get in danger while in the army, he secretly ensured that Blake would be assigned to piloting an SCV, thus keeping him out of danger. Or so he hoped. After a few months of piloting, Blake took a chance and defected to a radical group called the Sons of Korhal, hoping to get a combat position there. However, he took his unit with him, and the Sons of Korhal were short on SCVs at the time, so he was no only a wanted traitor, but still stuck in his SCV. Still, Blake tries to make the best of the situation, and it's often joked that he thinks SCV stands for 'Space Combat Vehicle', not 'Space Construction Vehicle'.