Odain Alias: Brandy


Played By: John Cuykendall, spoffy220@yahoo.com


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Brandy is an elf, about 5'4' tall and slim (like most elves), with Lodoss-style pointy ears, bright bubblegum-pink hair and green eyes.  Her clothing varies, but her trademark outfit is a pair of patched blue jeans, canvas sneakers, a tight t-shirt and a denim jacket with all sorts of patches and designs on it.  She normally wears her hair in two shoulder- length ponytails held in place with those green plastic ball thingies, and she has a number of piercings in both ears, one in her eyebrow, a small stud in her nose, a silver stud through her lower lip and a ring in her navel. A knit cap completes the picture of a "punk-and/or-hippy-elf." She will wear other clothing to fit in with other cultures.




Brandy has no real powers beyond her innate racial abilities. As an elf, she doesn't age, and she is immune to some diseases that affect humans.  Her constant plane-jumping has also made her more adaptable to new ideas and more resistant to "culture shock."  She is slightly resistant to magic as well.




Brandy may be immortal in the sense that she doesn't age, but she can still be hurt or killed like an ordinary human being.  She can catch diseases that don't affect humans (which effectively balances out her "immunity" to disease in the powers section above).  She can't use magic unless it's in some sort of item, like a sword (she could conceivably learn magic with a lot of hard work and effort, but she probably won't without a good reason).  She also tends to be a bit scatterbrained, which makes her susceptible to mental attacks.




Brandy has picked up a bunch of weird skills during her travels.  She's an okay cook who can whip out a burger and fries in nothing flat but can't keep her souffle from falling down.  She can fix a car too, given the right tools and spare parts (this probably isn't a useful skill in Odain, but oh well). She can shoot a gun, for reasons she doesn't talk about much, and somewhere along the line she picked up a little Tai Chi and some other bits and pieces of self-defense.  She has worked as a bartender and can mix drinks, run a cash register and play a mean game of pool.  She can shuffle a deck of cards like a Las Vegas dealer and run a game of blackjack.  She can play the guitar.  She's been a janitor in a high school (every space traveller has done this at some point, after all).  She's done peep shows, worked as a stripper, and somewhere there is a bad porno movie (she won't tell anyone the title, though).  Basically, she's done every low wage job on Earth (and a few on other planets) at least once, and knows a lot about practical, everyday stuff. She has roughly the equivalent of a high school degree in most subjects, but is a little behind in math and science.  She knows basic first aid and like any elf she can survive in the wild with no trouble.




A backpack with some extra clothing and a few souvenirs from her travels: a guitar pick from some guy named Jimi Hendrix, ticket stubs to a 1967 concert by the Rolling Stones, a baseball, some pocket change from the Roman Empire, a deck of playing cards, a pair of dice, an ID bracelet with serial number 7464-63649-232 on it, a small cube about two inches on a side covered with alien symbols (a type of data storage device; Brandy knows how to use it, but doesn't like to show anyone), and a small notebook with a simple record of her travels.  There's a few other knick-knacks and junk, but nothing useful (think gas-station keychains, etc.)




Having spent most of her life wandering through different planes of existence, Brandy is a bit loopy . . . but in a harmless way. She's a happy-go-lucky sort with no real plans for the future and few worries beyond getting a good meal and a place to sleep.  She lives for the moment, with no real regrets. This attitude can get annoying if she stays in one place for too long, as you might expect.  She's actually rather smart, if a bit scatterbrained, and has good insight into people's motivations from her years of experience as a hitchhiker.


Connections: None in Odain.


Background: Most people who travel between planes of existence are beings of unfathomable power searching for worlds to conquer and enslave.  Not Brandy.  As dimensional travelers go, she's one of the unlucky few who just wants to get the hell back to her own time and place.  Originally yanked from her home world into ancient Rome by a bumbling wizard's flubbed spell, Brandy has spent a very long time trying to get back to where she can pop him one in the nose.  Luckily (?) for her, the race of elves she belongs to can't die of old age, so if she keeps traveling she can expect to get back home . . . someday.