reeze Hayashi (assumed)


Odain Alias: Breeze


Homeworld: Original


Played By: Tiffa


Physical Description:


Breeze is fairly tall, and rather frail and pale looking; she appears elven, although such is not really the case. Breeze has short silver hair that she always wears in a ponytail, and soft green eyes. Breeze tends to wear a loose shirt and a long skirt most of the time.




Breeze is, first and foremost, a wind mage. Her powers are rather strong, being able to create powerful gusts of wind, small tornados, etc. She can manage to engulf one person in hurricane-force winds (around 75 mph/65 knots) for a few seconds before exhaustion takes hold; larger areas of effect or longer durations mean a proportionate decreased in speed and force.


One of the way that Breeze's power manifests itself is by the cool windy aura that seems to surround her at all time, making her clothes and hair billow. Anyone standing close enough will feel the wind.


Also, Breeze has superb hearing. For this reason, she can pretty much walk around with her eyes closed (which they usually are, in familiar areas) without any problem at all.




The most relevant of Breeze's skills would be the fact that she'd a great dancer (she simply seems to... flow with the music), and that she is a -very- good staff fighter, as her hands are too graceful for hand-to-hand brawling. Breeze is, in general, very quick, and nimble.




Breeze might get affected in strange ways by magic, other than whatever basic offensive or defensive effects spells may have. Mute spells, for example, can pain her if maintained for very long, and anything that disrupts the swirling winds can throw her off balance.


Also, since Breeze's hearing is very good, very loud sounds can quite easily pain her.


Breeze is also utterly unable to whisper. Her voice seems to simply carry through the air, and anybody in the room can hear what she's saying, no matter how low she says it.




The one item worth of mention would be her staff, which she carries with her at any given time. The staff is quite simple, with a silverish color, and is cool to the touch. The material of which its made is not quite discernable. While the staff is not unbreakable, breaking it would require a prolonged, continuous effort by almost supernaturally strong beings. The staff also seems to possess wind magic properties.




Breeze tends to be a quiet and nice woman. She also seems to pass as a bit... unemotional at times. In fact, Breeze's emotions -are- a bit dulled. They are there, she just seems to have problems expressing them fully. Breeze also seems to be a bit... blunt at times, preferring to get directly to the point... unless the situation calls otherwise.


Breeze rarely has her eyes open, she only really opens then to see how someone looks like... or when she's upset. You are usually in for a lot of trouble is she opens her eyes, namely, because that usually means she's -angry-.


On a side note, Breeze would be very upset if anybody hit on her, since she already has a relationship with somebody else. (He's male, for those of you who are wondering.)




Breeze knows both Ambika Makkura and Meiri Umino in Odain.




After Oneira recovered... slightly... from her breakdown, the doctors were finally able to ask her what she knew. Between the things that they learned, was that besides Ambika, Meiri was also in Odain.


So they decided to try and send someone again (with pressure from some of the first children). Breeze volunteered to try and retrieve both Ambika and Meiri... and try to find what had caused Oneira's breakdown.