eremy Callstone


Odain Alias: JC_Stone


Played by: Kenny Blackwell (


Homeworld: 21st Century "Mainstream" Earth


Physical Description:


JC Stone is a well built young man of 21 years of age, standing at a height of 6 feet three inches and weighing at least 230 pounds. His long black hair is usually slicked back and he has piercing sky blue eyes, and quite handsome despite the three to four day old stubble growth on his face which seems to always be there. More often than not he's seen in torn blue jeans, a black sleeveless heavy metal-themed T-shirt, and red and white high-top sneakers...


Powers: JC Stone has no superhuman powers.




JC Stone is an impressive athlete; he is a natural street brawler well adepted to using any dirty trick he can to come out on top, but his more refined skills come from the psuedo-sport of professional wrestling. Although he is still a rookie, he still knows all the tricks of the trade, such as selling (or feigning injury), rolling with punches and kicks to lessen damage, and taking bumps (or falling without serious injury). He also is a greenbelt in karate.




Despite the athletic conditioning JC Stone has, he is still just a normal human being. And as good as he is in rolling with punches and kicks, there is no way he can deal with non-physical attacks, such as energy blasts, or read how a non-human combatant would attack; being from "our" world JC Stone is more used to human or humanoid opposition.




JC Stone was fortunate to have carried with him some necessities when he happened to arrive in Odain; in his black duffle bag he has in his possession necessary toiletries (toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, shaving cream, a bag of disposable razors, aftershave lotion, deodorant spray), as well as a few change of clothes, such as three pairs of pants (one of them fashionably ripped), three sleeveless T-shirts, and three pairs of socks. He also has a portable CD player with several generic heavy metal CDs, usually used when he's working out. He also carries with him his ring gear, which consists of white and black tights with the letters "SDB" on the buttocks, elbowpads, black duct tape for his wrists, and black boots...




Jeremy Callstone is nothing like his wrestling persona of JC Stone; while JC Stone is a heel (or bad guy) who hates everyone around him and has a bad temper, Jeremy is actually a nice guy, always happy to lend a hand if it's needed, and not afraid to speak his mind. He does have the tendency of being a bit naive, and is a definate sucker for a pretty face, and he has no tolerance for people he hates. Since he comes from an Earth very similar to our own, many of the less than human occupants of Odain will no doubt leave JC Stone speechless or spooked or both of the above. Fortunately he has an open mind; in time he'll come to realize such things are commonplace in Odain.


Connections: In Odain, none.




Jeremy Callstone had aspirations of breaking into the business of professional wrestling ever since he began watching it on television. Dreaming of one day getting into one of the big wrestling federations and winning the world championship belt, Callstone endured the grueling exercises of wrestling school, spending almost all his time there until he perfected his skills. He eventually entered an independent wrestling federation, becoming the bad ass heel known as JC Stone. However, while on his way to the next arena for a house show, he found himself in the realm of Odain, a world very alien to the Earth he knows.