emi Alma


Odain Alias: Demi


Homeworld: Edania (Original concept)


Played By: Jeff (bellreisa@hotmail.com)


Physical Description:


Demi is a pale (but not unhealthily so) girl standing at 5'7". She has clear, pale blue eyes and long, long bluish-silver hair that runs clear down to the backs of her knees; this is usually left loose, and braided into a singular long plait that falls to the small of her back when she's not otherwise occupied. She wears a loose but snug-fitting white tunic that rests around her neck in a silver-gilded collar, and parts at the waist, falling loosely on the front and back of her around her legs. Demi also wears white boots with silvery material lining the top. When invoking her true powers, Demi will shine with a bright white light and wings will appear: feathered, white wings approximately five feet in length, spread.




Demi is able to wield minor spiritual energy that is capable of illuminating a space of twenty feet in radius and healing minor bruises and scratches until they don't ache (which does not necessarily mean curing the actual ailment itself). When invoking her true powers--this can be done exactly once in a twenty-four hour timespan, and leaves her fatigued and unable to do much except stand--Demi is capable of healing one major wound (broken bone, laceration, halting bloodflow). In this stage, her wings will appear, as with invocation of the power of her God and her status as His angel.




Demi is well-read in the lore of her God, and can preach, provided she feels her audience is receptive enough. She also has a beautiful singing voice, and knows many hymns by heart.




Demi is a pacifist, and will only fight when her God orders her to, an event that is most likely never going to occur. She is also as frail as any human, and has no enhanced senses; in fact, she is, if anything, a bit slower than she would appear to be; this stems not from actual weakness or lack of stamina, but a practiced method of carrying herself among her peers.


Equipment: Demi has no equipment.




Submissive, and easily moldable into what stronger-willed people around her wish her to be (except for violent--she maintains a firmness against violence). Demi is also passive in her view of life, seeing some as those favored by God and others as condemned. Through a quiet optimism, she faces her tasks with a decided ardor but a high respect for privacy and personal belief because in the end, her God is all that matters.


Connections: None at this point.