ance Hall Robot, Mark V


Odain Alias: Dherm-5


Played by: Vance "Civanfan" Benson


Homeworld: Earth circa 2150 AD (created in 2133)


Physical Description:


Dherm stands at 6'2 and has a balanced frame, designed for speed and strength. He's a gold color. His face is just two large eyes and a grille for a mouth. His hands are round, with blunt claws for fingers. His arms and legs are slender, with many ball-type joints and hidden nozzles in the palms of his hands for mist, and pepper spray. On top of his head are several 1/2-inch brass colored spikes, arranged in a circular pattern if seen from above. This was added to give him a more aesthetic, humanlike appearance.




Dherm can lift 500 lb. fairly easily and carry much more, but anything over 1,000 lb. puts some strain on his frame, after an hour of carrying/restraining someone capable of exerting 1,000 lb. of pressure, his arms begin to bend and eventually buckle with strain. This strain applies to underwater pressure as well. He can run at about 35 mph (able to max out briefly at 45 mph), and can jump 10 feet from a standing start. He's also fireproof, but not ridiculously so, and waterproof.


  • Body Armor-This protects his circuitry from common street weapons. Not very effective against sustained attacks, or gunfire. This is thicker on his hands and feet, allowing him to punch through rocks, if necessary.


As well as entertainment/riot gear based powers:


  • Laser lights-These are emitted from hidden projectors all over his body. They're bright enough to temporarily blind someone, but not enough to do so permanently, or to cut through anything.


  • Mist-This is just water vapor, emitted from nozzles all over his body. It disperses pretty quickly.


  • Pepper spray-this incapacitates opponents. This is emitted from hidden nozzles, including two in his hands. It has a range of about 10 feet.


  • Fire Extinguishers-These use the same nozzles in his hands as his mist and pepper spray (though not the other nozzles, for control purposes), they can put out pretty much any normal fire.


  • Infrared vision-this is used to detect any weapons people walking into the club may carry. Also helps him to see through the mist he can generate.


  • Loudspeakers-these are located in his abdomen and shoulders. They can play at a level tolerable to humans, or if crowd control is necessary, they can blare loud enough to incapacitate groups of people. When he is in battle, armored plates cover them, unless they are in use.


  • Holocamera-This is in his chest. It can record visual and audio information, and play it back. Used to provide eyewitness info after incidents.


  • Self repair system-This kicks in whenever he is injured badly. Basically, it reroutes necessary functions through secondary circuits and activates backups as necessary. This is only meant to hold him over until he is repaired, and like a spare tire, the backups can't stand up to much pressure, or overuse. A very strong, or well placed blow can even take out the backups entirely, if he's unlucky...




First, his armor is not invulnerable. Three close range shots from any gun can damage him.  A machine gun can pretty much tear him apart, and a close range shotgun can punch through with ease. If he is dense enough to stand still while a punk is smashing him with a metal bat, it'll take longer, but not much, to hurt him.


He is totally defenseless against magic.


Electricity can disrupt his circuits, knocking him out for a while.


He is programmed not to be able to maim or kill any sentient creature unless protecting another. (And wouldn't even if he could)


Being made of metal, he makes a slight clanking sound with each step, thus making it hard for him to sneak up on someone.




DHRM models are programmed with an extensive knowledge of popular dances, as well as several varieties of close range dance-style fighting skills. While his repertoire isn't as large as say, a Dherm-7 or 8, he has the capacity to learn new ones without expensive upgrading. (A fact that has kept him off the junkpile for several years now)


He's also programmed with several music types, and can change, remix, and edit them as necessary.


He can also fix himself if damaged, unless damaged to a point where he is rendered incapable of doing so.


He can handle crowd situations, and almost any problem that could befall a dance club (including being able to defuse bombs)


He's a very fast reader, and a quick learner.




He carries a toolbox, for manual self-repair. This has spare parts and tools.




He wants to be a human. This has been his desire ever since he first gained sentience. Generally, he's a cheerful, somewhat naive person, and he tends to hold humans in a high reverence.


He feels that, having been given intelligence by providence, he is destined to gain humanity.


He feels protective of just about everybody who needs it.


He refers to himself as male because the person who accidentally gave him artificial intelligence was male.


He talks to himself (or what he perceives to be another person in his head) quite a bit, especially when making a choice. This is probably just a self-contained interface between his thinking self, and his computer, and he is upset when it seems to go away sometimes.




Dherm-5 is a somewhat obsolete model, working for one of the more popular dance clubs in New New York...however he is the only robot, anywhere on his earth with artificial intelligence, which makes his club more popular, because its bouncer bot can actually talk back. When he was chasing a couple of punks down an alley, one of them pulled a powerful stungun on him, knocking him out, and he woke up in Odain. Rather than be upset at his predicament, he's overjoyed to find a place where magic works, because he feels there's a better chance of finding his humanity here.