olphin Marigold Hildebrad


Odain Alias: Dolph


Homeworld: Shadowrun Earth, Detroit


Player: Ben-San Arizona




Dolph is tall and slender, with long silver hair highlighted by streaks of gold, red, and green dye. For preference, he wears leather pants stitched to look vaguely like snakeskin, a white tank-top, and a leather jacket embroidered with the name and logo of the Gnarley Men (his motorcycle gang) on the back. The cargo compartment of his motorcycle contains an extra pair of black denim jeans, two extra tank-tops, and a few changes of underpants. He's fond of jewelry, but his silver allergy makes getting real jewelry he can wear expensive; he has a gold ring on one finger and a simple loop-type platinum earring in his left ear. His motorcycle helmet is decorated with the winding design of a rainbow serpent.




Dolph is a Snake shaman, and as such is empowered with a few spells by the spirits he commands. Casting these spells drains his energy, and after casting several he'll be rather lethargic and tired. Additionally, he has excellent night vision due to the structure of the elven eye. (Note to nitpickers: Some aspects of his magic do not function in exactly the same manner as described in the Shadowrun rulebook. This is so that they will make more sense in a non-numerical world.)


  • Mended Scales: Allows minor wounds and injuries to be healed, and severe injuries to be slightly lessened. It must be used within an hour of the injury.
  • Fear No Fang: This can cure moderately-powerful poisons and drugs. It won't fix physical damage done, but will remove the toxins from the subject's system and will cure other side-effects; hallucinations, nausea, and so forth. Also an effective hangover cure, making this a very popular spell among his gang.
  • Shed the Skin: This is a simple illusion that allows Dolph to alter his own appearance or that of another person. It can only be used on willing subjects. This will only affect someone actually looking at the subject; a photograph or video feed will show his true appearance.
  • Snake's Slumber: This spell slows a person's biorhythms and bodily processes, inducing a state of near-suspended animation. In this state, a person can go without air or food for extraordinary periods of time. It can only be used on a willing or unconscious subject.
  • Snake Eyes: Using this spell, Dolph can see locations at a distance as if he were there, even through solid objects. There's no theoretical limit on the distance this spell can cover, especially with a focus of some kind such as a lock of the subject's hair, but extremely great distances are beyond his skill. The subject must be willing to allow Snake Eyes to be used; if there is nobody willing to 'carry' the Snake Eyes and the location is otherwise inhabited, he cannot see there.
  • Summoning: Dolph can summon and bind a number of different types of spirits into service. He's most skilled at summoning city spirits, but he can communicate and bargain with any kind of nature spirit. A summoned spirit will disappear at sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first. Under the Mountain, of course, telling when sunrise or sunset will next come is a difficult proposition.




Dolph is moderately allergic to silver, and contact with it is intensely uncomfortable to him, although non-damaging. As an elf, he has a strong dislike for meat. Also, he does not harm snakes for spiritual reasons.




Dolph is a skilled motorcyclist and knowledgeable about motorcycles. He's a decent shot with a pistol, but would rather let someone else fight instead. He asserts that this is not because he's scared, but because his gang would be screwed if he couldn't fix them up afterwards.




  • Ford Cobra: A sleek-bodied motorcycle built for speed. It runs off an alcohol fuel which can be produced with vegetable matter, a still, and several days of waiting; it's amazing how often that comes in handy on the long highways. It also has a cargo compartment which contains some extra clothes, twelve extra bullets for the Super Warhawk, and the materials for a makeshift medicine lodge.
  • Ruger Super Warhawk: A heavy revolver. It's big and nasty-looking, and holds six big nasty-looking bullets. There are four bullets in it plus the extras in the motorcycle, initially.
  • Medkit: This looks like a mid-sized black box affixed to the rear of the Ford Cobra. It contains bandages, drugs, and other medical supplies, as well as a computerized diagnostic system. At the time that Dolph enters Odain, the drug supplies are beginning to run low, and Dolph prefers to use his magic to conserve supplies.
  • Medicine Lodge: This is a bundle of crystals, fetishes, and leathers usually stored in the Cobra's cargo space. It can be set up in any open and relatively secluded space; for example, an empty cave. When it's set up, Dolph can use power channeled from the Medicine Lodge instead of his own energy to cast his spells; he can also use the Lodge to attempt to contact and bargain with Snake.




Dolph puts up a hyper-macho front to cover his emotions; he loathes the stereotype of elves as tree-hugging pixies. He doesn't seek out combat, but he also doesn't take well to any challenges to his manhood. He is openly gay, which has caused some conflict with other small-time thugs; however, his gang accepts his personal preferences and will beat the living shit out of anyone who decides to make something of it. Without his gang to back him up, he's likely to be a bit more edgy and trigger-happy than usual in such situations.


Connections: Dolph knows Angela and is friends with her, although they tend to move in different circles due to their lifestyles.




Dolph has lived most of his life on the streets, making a living from a young age running supplies and deliveries for a talismonger on his bike. As he asked questions about the items he was running, he eventually developed a fairly thorough layman's knowledge of shamanism, finally using his savings to buy enough supplies for a small medicine lodge of his own and petitioning Snake, patron of messengers and go-betweens among others, for power. He soon found that he could increase both his mystic expertise and his bankroll much more swiftly by taking minor shamanic jobs on the side, particularly no-questions-asked healing and hangover (both alcohol and drug crash) cures. Eventually, he decided that he was starting to stagnate, and took his bike (by now a proper motorcycle) and his shamanic expertise to an up-and-coming go-gang calling themselves the Gnarley Men. Officially the Gnarley Men are a "not-for-profit motorcycle club and delivery team"; in effect, they'll take your money and get your package where it needs to go, probably pretty filthy but unopened and unharmed, no questions asked and no crap taken. They're not in it for the money (what do they need it for other than food, fuel, repairs and booze?), but rather for the thrill of the ride, so they can afford to turn down Johnsons who give them flak. The Gnarley Men were making a run from Detroit to Chicago when they went under a long overpass. The rest of the gang came out on the other side. Dolph found the overpass getting much longer, darker, and twistier than he expected.