ackson Donnelly


Odain Alias: Donnelly


Played By: Damien K (


Homeworld: Lovecraft Earth


Physical Description:


Donnelly stands 6'2", with blue eyes and prematurely grey hair. His left eye has a scar running vertically across it from some former accident. He is in good shape, though no muscle-man, with a dark tan. He wears his hair long, bound into a ponytail with a leather band.


He generally wears stone-washed jeans, a tie-dyed shirt, and hiking boots, as well as a handmade leather holster for his spear, across his back.


Powers: None.




He has all the weaknesses of a normal human. In addition, he is utterly obsessed with destroying the demons that plague humanity, so he has some seriously difficulty relating to non-humans. He will generally not react violently, however, unless a non-human experiences an adverse reaction to the Lance (see below).




Donnelly is an experienced archaeologist, and thus is able to identify most any human-made artifact, as well as dating and other such information, with relative accuracy. He also speaks English, French, Japanese, Russian, Latin, and ancient Greek. In addition, he has become very proficient in wielding polearms, especially his spear, and is just generally a skilled fighter, with some limited knowledge of capoeira. Beyond that, he has a similar knowledge level to a university post-graduate.




He generally carries with him a pocket calculator, flashlight, survival knife, and water purification tablets.


In addition, he has one very special piece of equipment: the Lance of Longinus, which he recovered on an expedition some years ago. This is the spear that pierced the side of Christ at the crucifixion, and is a potent weapon against supernatural evil. Against such beings, it can cut through their defenses; they would be wounded as a normal human. In addition, such creatures have a serious aversion to the weapon and will feel repulsed by its mere presence.


Although it doesn't really qualify as equipment, he wears a small silver cross pendant that formerly belonged to his assistant, and fiancee, who was killed in an unfortunate run-in with the servants of the Old Ones.




Donnelly is a hard-bitten, embittered man. He is cynical and has little respect for most people, except those who have earned that respect. On the other hand, he feels a responsibility to his race, which drives him on his obsessive quest to rid the world of "evil".


Toward his few friends and allies, however, he is very kind and loyal. Such would find that his cynicism derives from expecting far too much of his fellow man and being frequently let down.


Connections: Donnelly has no connection in Odain.


Theme: "Demon Cleaner", Kyuss