awn Galatea "Donnie" Jereson


Odain alias: Donnie


Played by: BetsyT


Homeworld: Nexus, Willstown


[Note: because of Donnie's unusual gender, this profile uses asexual pronouns-- E/eir/em as opposed to he/his/him or she/her/her.]


Physical Description:


Donnie is 5'6" and has a slim but muscular build.  Eir hair is black, long, and flowing, and eir eyes are bright blue.  E has the ears and tail of a hyena, fangs, and non-retractable claws which E usually dulls by filing.  E's quite attractive, in a femmy sort of way, though eir face is marred by a long, jagged scar running down eir right cheekbone.  Donnie's left forearm is also badly scarred, by what might have been a dogbite; E will usually keep this scar covered.


Donnie is a hermaphrodite.  Eir voice sounds male, but eir build is somewhere between female and male.  Most people seem to assume that E's a woman at first glance.  Eir current outfit consists of jeans and a shortened, badly ripped T-shirt under a slightly shabby leather jacket.




Donnie is a genetically engineered lifeform, created whole-cloth from human and spotted hyena DNA.  Most of eir senses have come from eir animal side; E has nightvison up to 75 yards, given a weak or moderate light source, and senses of smell and hearing on the same level as a dog's. 


Donnie's creator gave em an extremely resilient immune system (which was necessary to prevent em from physically degrading). Hence, Donnie can heal from physical wounds about twice as fast as a normal human, and is highly resistant to normal viral or bacterial infections.




Beyond eir faster healing, Donnie is rather frail and completely mortal.  There is a  cybernetic implant in eir spine, which was recently destroyed and then repaired again.  If it is damaged further, Donnie will be paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk.  It is possible to repair the device if it's damaged, but only somebody with considerable technical skill could do it, and it's possible to break the implant beyond any hope of repair.




Due to eir former work as a prostitute, Donnie is an expert on sexual matters.  E's taken a few self-defense classes and knows basic hand-to-hand fighting skills.  Anybody with more formal training would be able to defeat em easily in a fight.  E has recently begun learning more intense martial arts from Kanjit Seishu, but it'll take a long time before E can be considered anything but a beginner.  E can play the violin, and has become fairly talented.  Donnie's general literacy and education level is roughly equivalent to a 7th grader's.




Donnie's most valued possession is an old violin E was given by a former lover.  It holds great sentimental value for em, and E would never willingly part with it.  Donnie also holds Mewling's Pokeball, which E considers a sacred trust and will guard with eir life.




Donnie's mood is highly reactive and intense.  E's usually quite cheerful and optimistic, but that can change rapidly if the feelings of people around em shift.  E can be very courageous and self-sacrificing, though this stems from low feelings of self-worth more than anything else.  Donnie still measures eir own value in terms of eir worth to others, and feels more confident and secure when E is among friends. 




A resident of the Heart for several months, Donnie has made several friends there and knows many of the residents.  E is particularly close to Owen, eir fiancee, and to Mewling, eir foster daughter.  E considers Sonya and Gadget to be close friends, and has a great deal of respect and admiration for Bella, Kanjit and Jyabil. 


Theme Song: "Appels + Oranjes", by the Smashing Pumpkins