Odain Alias: Echo


Played By: Shelby Scott


Homeworld: Original, high-technology Earth variant


Physical Description:


Echo, upon an initial glance, appears to be a young woman standing at nearly six feet tall, with stark white skin. The left side of her body is perfectly normal, all things considered, and looks marginally human. The right side is a completely different story. Covering the entire area is a techno-organic-looking meshwork of rubbery, black cords, dotted with the occasional opaque golden-colored hemisphere. This meshwork of techno-organic matter has completely hidden her flesh on the right side, and the half-orbs, or cells, appear at various places on her body, a number of them covering or even replacing normal organs (cells lie where her ear once was, under her right eyelids, in place of her breast [which is in proportion with her normal left breast], her deltoid, kneecap, elbow and so on). The cells have a dim glow to them, and alter intensity according to 'his' mood. (More on 'him' later) Her hair has become long, thick black cords as well, falling around her face and down to her shoulders. Her normal eye is an inky black color, as are her lips. Needless to say, unless someone's rather used to seeing something like her, her appearance is very unsettling.


Echo's attire consist of a sleeveless and slightly tight belly shirt with an ID number printed on the left breast, dark cargo pants, boots and a concealing jacket that 'they' carry to be inconspicuous when it's necessary.




Echo, through the usage of her symbiote, can attune 'him' to various forms of energy, and to a degree copy their effect. In order to do so, the energy must have been used in their general vicinity, and some residual bits of it must be floating about. Once they attune to an energy form, they can make very limited use of it for a short period of time before the copied energy degrades and becomes unusuable. Afterwards, they must wait and recover before attempting another attunement, usually after a quarter of an hour or so.




They are indeed symbiotes to one another, 'him' having integrated himself so completely into Echo that any attempt to separate them either physically or mentally will easily devastate the both of them. Also, they are quite susceptible to mental attacks and manipulation in general. In all other things, they are as resistant as a normal human being.


Also, when attuning to non-natural (i.e. magical and some biological) energies, some negative side effects can come back to haunt them, in the form of pain, internal injury, or worse. The side effects are temporary, but usually very unpleasant.




Echo was created and chosen simply to act as 'his' host, and has been trained in little else besides how to behave in the presence of guests and other visitors. She is intelligent, but she has no focused training in any sort of skill, although her learning one would be not horribly difficult.




Aside from her clothing, she carries a utility knife, roughly a week worth of rations, and an oversized canteen. She has little else on her person.




Echo is rather quiet and observant, having been used to listening as opposed to talking. It would seem that her emotions have died, but they are still there, buried under years or protocol and training. Occasionally they peek out, but in rather exaggerated means, something she's not yet learned to control. She also finds 'normal people' intensely interesting, since they live without a symbiote and seem to not mind it much.


'He' is simply out to preserve his well-being, and incidentally, Echo's. Since they are irreparably joined, he is often influenced by her emotional loops, more or less echoing the feelings back into his host. He understands that they are both, in the end, test subjects, but has accepted his fate, and simply strives to be.




Not a one.