lena Nearine Emillie


Odain Alias: Elena


Played By: OmegaZeroX91 ( hyperdunbine@hotmail.com )


Homeworld: North America, Earth --- Universal Century 0093 (Gundam continuity variant)


Physical Description:


Elena is a beautiful, 23-year-old human female, standing at 5’6 with a slender build. She lets her waves of pinkish-red hair run free, down her back all the way to her waist, full lips, and one eye (her right) with a shining pink-coloured pupil --- her left eye was lost as a former Titans pilot near the end of the war with the AEUG six years previous and she since had it replaced by a mechanical, circular visor which is attached directly to her brain cells and operated by a small two decade-long battery cell. She either wears a flowing blue evening dress with a pink ribbon tied to her waist, translucent pink gloves and a small gold necklace or her tight-fitting pink jump suit complete with helmet, white gloves and knee-high boots, which she wears when piloting any type of Mobile Suit.




Absolutely none whatsoever.




In addition to herself being just as vulnerable as any normal human, she is also a relatively easy target outside of the cockpit. Elena has absolutely *no* personal melee experience of her own despite her knowing how to use and fire a pistol. She doesn’t even know the basics of melee fighting and tactics (such as guarding her rear), and it is yet unknown whether or not her superb reflexes as a pilot would serve her just as well (or even at all) in an actual personal combat situation.




As a former noble lady and military Mobile Suit pilot, Elena knows quite a bit of what she is supposed to be taught as a noble: etiquette, proper behaviour, and moderate amounts of academics. However, she also got herself to learn what she actually wants to learn: some politics, and a great amount of mechanical knowledge that allows Elena to be able to repair almost all kinds of damage to Mobile Suits and possibly a bit of other types of robots as well. This also meant that she could pilot (or figure out how to pilot) most kinds of Mobile Suits built by any single side. Also, she is a very good Mobile Suit pilot and has superb reflexes in the cockpit --- but she only knows how to pilot Mobile Suits.




In the case of being stranded in her MS while in space or any sort of planetary condition, Elena always kept an emergency bag of supplies in her cockpit (tied underneath or behind her seat) in case she needed to keep healthy while waiting for help --- which is all she had in Odain when she first started there. This bag held three full packs of dried food (enough to last a week, two at the most), some spare clothes, an emergency blanket, dried water, a Medikit, three signal flares, a very small emergency distress beacon (rendered obsolete in Odain), and a small 9mm pistol with 12 bullets plus two additional clips.


The only other possession of worthy note is a gridded designers’ sketchbook --- blank --- and a set of drafting pens.




Elena is a very tomboyish individual. She is very hot-blooded, courageous, and is also action-minded; she prefers action over mere talking (unless needed) and frowns upon long explanations. This also means that Elena’s tomboyishness allows her to recover quickly from mental crises, and in addition, Elena has little patience for cowards, braggers or flirts and will usually not bother giving them the time of day. Despite her personality, though, she is still a very thoughtful person and values her wingmen dearly when in the cockpit, even though her wingmen/colleagues may not trust in her.




Elena no longer has any connections within the space colonies and the planet Earth which she had earlier called home: all that she had known there were now dead (and in only a few cases, buried). Her family was completely slain years ago, and the Titans which she had defected from was annihilated wholescore six years ago by the AEUG.


Unfortunately, the same loneliness holds for her current life on Odain. She’s currently seeking any sort of employment to start another new life for herself.