adget Hackwrench


Odain Alias: Gadget


Homeworld: San Francisco, California.  Earth.  (CDRR Universe)


Played By: Paul Sebert


Physical Description:


Gadget is an anthropomorphic mouse with cream-colored fur, blue eyes, and a blond mane (for lack of a better word.)  At present she stands at about 5'4" after making a deal with Gentlemen John.




Due to her rodent nature, Gadget has more highly developed senses of hearing and smell than those of any human.  She also has a very keen sense of equilibrium (the big ears and tail help.)  She also has a "mindbashingly high" IQ.




Gadget is a highly skilled mechanic and tinkerer.  She has been working with machinery for most of her life and can repair just about any broken machine that don't require a great deal of computer skills. Gadget also knows a bit about stitching and she also knows some basic first-aid and life saving techniques.


She also knows how to pilot a plane, or most other basic vehicles (Nothing too high tech like say a Gear.)




Gadget has all of the weaknesses one would normally associate with a large anthropomorphic mouse, meaning she's as vulnerable to basic weapons as any human would be.  Making matters worse her newly enlarged form is quite vulnerable.  After being enlarged to the height of 5'4" she has fallen victim to the Square-Cube law, which basically means she's not much stronger at her current size she isn't really much stronger than she was when she was a tiny mouse. At present moment she has difficulty bench-pressing 15 pounds.  This has also affected her cardio-vascular system, so she exhausts rather easily.


She is slowly trying to get in shape, and has made slow albeit steady improvements.  Previously she had to use a cane to get around, now she no longer uses it full time, but still puts it to use occasionally when she's tired.




  • Toolbox - An inventor's best friend.  A small box containing most of the tools one usually keeps in the garage. Gadget keeps one of these in her bedroom, but occasionally carries it into the main hall.


  • Scooter - A crudely built motor scooter she's been working on in her spare time from spare parts she's found around the tower.  At the moment she's still working on a way to get it to work efficiently and find some fuel to run on.


  • Pokeball Version 0.5 - Having stood on the sidelines of many, many Pokemon battles Gadget wasn't able to resist the urge to try and build one of these things. A rough grey metal sphere that's currently works as functioning, albeit crude and rather weak Pokeball.




Gadget is a very enthusiastic girl who enjoys repairing, tinkering, and inventing machines.  She often takes her work with her into the main lobby. At heart she's an optimist who will try her best to avoid any physical conflict in the hall.  She also tends to act a little naive at times and can be a little absent minded.




Gadget is fairly well known in the most of the former occupants of the Nexus' tower.  She's particularly good friends with Slash and Roger Sirius. Prior to being drawn into the world she was living with her romantic interest Usagi Miyamoto, at present moment she seams rather upset about being separated from him.


Theme music: "I do" by Lisa Loeb