am Kakros


Real Name: Gissar


Played by: Devin C Knox


Homeworld: Phyrexia


Physical Appearance:


Gissar is a Phyrexian Negator. This entails that it would have two different physical forms.


        Human: This form is used to hide it from the masses. In this form Gissar is Sam (Short for Samantha) Kakros, a beautiful young human girl. Although in both forms it is entirely asexual, Sam has all the outward appearance of a fully functional woman. She stands 5'10" with long black hair and purple eyes. She appears to have a mild tan.


        Negator: These are the Phyrexian shock troops and spies. In this form Gissar is itself, and appears as an over grown cockroach (that is, if you think 9' is over grown). It is entirely bipedal, standing on two thin, clawed legs. It has two arms with slashing blades on its elbows and razor sharp talons on each of its two hands. Its thick carapace is made with Phyrexian steel, which is a little stronger than actual steel and actually grows over time like skin. Most of Gissar's body is covered in this black metal. Instead of mandibles, it has a three piece jaw filled with small, razor like teeth. It's eyes are situated at the front of the head and radiate a faint yellow glow. The head area is topped with two antennae, which are fully functional tentacles which can grasp and strike out like whips. These tentacles are end in stingers, which deliver a small alternating current in the area of the sting, causing first and second degree burns.




Aside from the alternating current delivered by the tentacles, Gissar's only power is that it is able to lift 2 tons with its arms (its total body weight as a negator). These only apply in Negator form.


It may also polymorph back and forth into a Human/Negator at will. With this it can slow most injuries (e.g., minor to heavy stab wounds not in a vital organ, oil leak) if it changes form.


Gissar has a high immune system and is highly resistant to most diseases.




Gissar is almost helpless as a human, succumbing to most human weaknesses.


Permanent nerve damage and permanent injury is shared between both forms, and any injury that would cause instantaneous or even very quick death (e.g., slit throat, direct stab to the heart, skull crushed) would kill her as if it would if she were any other human.


Gissar as a Negator is extremely vulnerable to fire when "bleeding" due to the fact that her Negator blood is almost 75% oil. If Gissar catches on fire, it must douse itself quickly or suffer irreparable harm to major systems.


Sam cannot shift to Gissar without sufficient space, or while in immediate physical danger, such as when she is under attack or on fire.




Gissar is skilled in persuasion, torture, mind games and subversion. It was taught these skills from birth, so it is a natural. It has also been trained in hiding and sneaking, as well has how to properly battle the enemy.




        Heart Matrix: This is pretty much her soul. This retains all her memories and clear understanding of everything she has done through time in her many lives like a tape recorder, and can play back that which is recorded on it. It also holds feelings and good intentions, everything Phyrexia blocked from her for so long. This is an amber sphere that glows a pale gold. It is indestructible to most non-magical devices. If destroyed, Gissar will be die instantly.




Sam has noticeably mellowed since her time in Odain. She no longer has the same contempt for organics that she once did, although she still considers them to be beneath her. Despite this, she is deeply interested in organic culture. She is also highly protective of Roger.




Sam will remember those who she befriended in Odain during her previous stay. She is also in love with Roger and has spent six years with him in an unknown dimension.