eidemi Kagakujou


Odain Alias: Heidemi


Played By: John "Crowbar" Hurst ( MakoReno@aol.com )


Homeworld: Karine; Original Concept


Physical Description:


Heidemi (Or "Emi", as she prefers to be called.) is a 17-year-old female that stands about 5'6", and is all around pretty average. Her eyes are of a bluish color and her hair is blond, while the style is short and wavy, almost giving her a boyish look if you looked her straight in the face. Meanwhile, her attire usually consists of a dark blue robe, but from time to time, she can be seen wearing a plain shirt and some jeans.




She has no powers at all. Nada. Zilch. The big, fat, freakin' zero. Move on, please.




Well, for one, she's not exactly the best fighter. In fact, she has no combat skills at all, save for a few fights in school, but that won't get her anyway in a true fight. Besides that, she's not very good at keeping things to herself, especially secrets and projects she's working on. If she has the chance to do just that, she will take it, hug it tight, and tie it up for as long as possible... Or until everyone ignores her, whichever's first.




Well, her main skill, if not obvious by now, is in chemistry. While she is not really a "expert" at the knowledge, she knows plenty well enough to make many of the "weaker" acids and bases, along with some "strong" ones. Most of her work is in the field of Offensive potions (Like sleeping gas, explosives, corrosive stuff, etc.), but she does go into some "defensive" ones (Like limited healing potions, shields, etc.), but not very often. Among that, she is very knowledgeable of cultures, but that would only be on her planet, and none other.




Compared to many people, Emi tends to carry several things on her (Most of the time anyway.), including:


  • A book: Just as it looks like, it's a leather-bound book that has no indication of a title on it. Inside of it contains many of Emi's formulas for her potions, compounds, etc. Also, an assortment of bookmarks are placed inside of it, as well as a pen strapped on from the outside. You can see her carrying it occasionally, but most of the time, it will stay in her room.


  • A pouch: Just as it, it's a small leather pouch, usually used for money and other small things (She's rather disorganized.).


  • Flasks: Just what they are: flasks. 1 or 2 at all times, to be exact. They are strung around her belt, usually for defensive purposes (Such as gases, etc.) and maybe a small healing potion or two. She also keeps an empty flask on her, for when a idea hits her or other cases.




Heidemi, despite her age, can be rather childish at times, especially about her latest projects and other such stuff. But at other times, she can be extremely serious, especially of her work. Kind of a weird mood swing, really. Normally, she's a peppy, nice, and fun-loving girl, but her temper can go off quite easily (Ex. Someone insulting her work, criticizing her, etc.). She's also a lover a practical jokes, especially of ones involving some sort of chemical reaction of sorts. All in all, she's a rather interesting girl.




While she may be familiar with one or two people, she doesn't really "know" anyone, technically.