ack Weschester


Odain Alias: Jack


Played By: Decay (


Homeworld: Earth, London, 1888


Physical Description:


Jack appears to be about 35 years old, 5'6", with dark hair and eyes. He has short, close-cropped hair, and a pale, though not pasty, complexion. His other major facial characteristic is his thin, curling handlebar moustache, the same colour as his hair.


Jack typically wears dark brown trousers, a white shirt with a light grey vest, black button-up boots, a dark brown jacket, a black tie with a horseshoe stick pin, and a felt hat, turned down in the middle, all clean and generally immaculately pressed.


Powers: None.


Weaknesses: The same as those that would be expected from any other human.




Jack has considerable medical skill, for the period. He is able to correctly identify internal organs and structures, and can perform clean amputations with as little pain as is possible. Beyond that, he has as fine an education as one could hope for in 1888. He speaks, and can write in, English, Latin, and Chinese, is quite knowledgeable about the great works of Western literature, and has fairly extensive knowledge of mathematics, up to trigonometry and advanced algebra.




His only "equipment", as it were, is the six-inch knife, which he keeps, sheathed and concealed, in his jacket.




Jack is a true gentleman, the pinnacle of the upstanding 19th century Englishman. He is kind and charming, with a razor wit and devastating intelligence.


Connections: None.