oanna Rush


Odain Alias: Joanna


Homeworld: Hunter (Earth variant.)


Played By: Tiffa


Physical Description:


Joanna is a rather short 14-year-old girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in a pair of dark jeans, old tennis shoes, a black t-shirt and vest. She also wears an old white cap on her head all the time. Under her shirt, she has two scars (or, actually, two on her back and two on the front). Two are chest height, missing the heart barely. the other two are lower, by her left kidney (which she no longer has).




Joanna is a Hunter, somebody that has leaned of the existence of undead (vampires, Zombies and the sort) and has been... set... with the chore of fighting them. She has a few powers, namely...


  • Hide: This "activates" when Joanna gets scared, it basically makes her... unnoticeable. Unfortunately, this only works with undead, anybody else can see her just fine.


  • Blaze: A power that enables Joanna to draw power from a light and heat source, and use this like a fire spell. This can range from candlelight (harmless) to the beam of a flashlight (dangerous) or the light of the sun (roast). This, however, also only works on undead. Against a living opponent it's rather pointless. Also, this power needs both a light and heat source to get drawn. She couldn't draw power from, say, the moon.


  • Second Sight: A -really- useful spell that basically allows Joanna to be able to see through illusions.




Joanna is just a young human girl, all in all, and not a strong one either.


She also suffers from Arachnophobia (fear from spiders). This gets to the point of having her flee from a place in panic. The only time where she might ignore this phobia is when she's focused on a life or death situation.




Joanna used to be a common street thief before she became a Hunter. She is very nimble on her feet, and also really good at pickpocketing.


Since becoming a Hunter, Joanna has learned how to use small guns and knifes. She's not very good with the first but has skill with the second.




Joanna has three items worth of mention:


A Colt. A nice gun that has saved her life many times. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any bullets at the moment. Namely, she never had time to recharge it.


Her necklace. To a normal person, this just looks like two pieces of glass attacked to some pieces of string. People that can detect magic would probably notice that these seem to be enchanted. Joanna uses this as melee weapons, and throwing weapons (they can spin FAST, and she's a good shoot with them). The shards of "glass" are QUITE sharp, able to cut through flesh quite easily. It has a problem with harder objects, however.


Her cap. Nothing worth of mention. It's a dirty old white cap. She loves this, though, and will do things to the point of stupidity to keep it safe.




Joanna... has been through hell. She got started into something she never wanted, and she pretty much hates it. She has a fiery temper, and is rather sensitive about being insulted for being short or weak.


Joanna is... afraid of getting close to people, since the three people she had gotten really close to had ended up dying. She, however, practically strives for being close to people, and actually can't tolerate being alone.


Also, Joanna has been so close to dying a few times (the scars she has should be proof of this) that she is bound to do risky things without thinking.


Joanna very likely won't trust anybody that isn't human at first, and it would be hard to actually get her to trust them.



Zero. None. Nada