onah Vandohl


Odain Alias: Jonah


Played By: JustinR [arsenal13@usa.net]


Homeworld: Original


Character Description:


Jonah has long, stringy greasy brown hair that hangs haphazardly over from underneath his wide brim hat. His hair and hat combined tend to hide his eyes from view. He's in desperate need of a shave, and also wears a long brown trench coat as well as other clothes that tend to be dark and somewhat grungy.


Powers: None, really.




Jonah, although he's in moderately good shape, isn't exactly a prize piece of humanity, so he has basically the same weaknesses of any other person in relation to damage, magic, psychic attacks, etc.




Jonah is a crack shot with most firearms, and has a decent amount of knowledge with hand-to-hand combat, and close range melee weapons. Besides that, he knows most of the police rules and regulations of his homeworld (although when he *really* wants to bust a suspect up he tends to "forget"), and has basically the knowledge you'd expect of someone with an associates' degree in college.




Jonah carries around a badge identifying him as part of the NYPD Special Forces unit, as well as two pairs of cuffs, a two-way radio (which won't work, considering the dimensional gap between the receiving units), a nightstick, and his WildArm, which is a gun that shoots magically enchanted bullets. It resembles a cross between a pistol and a small shotgun. The effect of the gun depends on the bullet used. The WildArm carries only one bullet at a time.


00-   The strongest bullet, it releases a three-foot diameter energy beam out of the barrel of the WildArm. The blast is not spontaneous; there's a flash and a short charging period before the energy beam is unleashed, making it rather useless against small, agile targets like people. Intended for taking down armored units. Jonah has only one 00.


01-   A bullet that releases several magical "shards", which are extremely sharp. They disappear after around five minutes, but the injuries they cause do not. Jonah has five 01s. The shards vary in size, from around one to four inches in length. The effect of them is roughly equivalent to having a broken window shot at you. At maximum range, it has a spread of around 12 feet in diameter.


02-   This bullet releases a burst of electricity in the form of an arc that travels for about 45 feet. It's powerful enough to stun a human-sized creature for a few minutes, larger creatures (or really large guys) take less of a jolt, while smaller creatures take more. He has around seven of these bullets.


03-   A rather peculiar bullet, this bullet acquires a target by "painting" it with a small magic glyph and then homes in on the target. It takes a few moments for the glyph to be imprinted, so it's more useful as a sniper weapon. Jonah has four of these. The bullets always take the shortest way to the target, so dodging behind corners and hiding behind sturdy objects is an option.


04-   This bullet unleashes a large amount of small magical threads that wrap around anything they hit. Useful for binding a target, but the threads dissipate after ten minutes or so. Jonah has six of these. The threads are about as strong as nylon rope, and each strand is around three to four feet.


05-   Plain ol' bullets. Jonah has about twelve of these.


On a more menial level, Jonah has a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.




Jonah's a bit of a slacker. Well, a lot of slacker. He's spends most of his time trying to dodge work in his rude and indifferent way, unless something proves pressing, or really, really pisses him, in which case he'll take immediate, and surprisingly swift action.




A member of the NYPD Anti-Supernatural forces unit, Jonah has a lot of  connections in New York. But not in Odain.