oseph Toulon


Odain Alias: Joseph


Played by: Decay (damienk@polarcom.com)


Homeworld: Earth (Future, Puppet Master continuity)


Physical Description:


Joseph stands 5'9", with long, black hair, which he wears long, and parted in front of his face, so that only the right half of his face, and one eye, is exposed, and grey eyes. His skin is somewhat pale, though not unhealthy, and he has a thin build.


Joseph generally wears a dull red t-shirt, dingy, and somewhat worn, brown slacks, heavy black boots, and a grey vinyl anorak.


Powers: One could argue that his ability to control his puppets is a power, though he less controls them, than they follow him of their own free will.


Weaknesses: Joseph has the same weaknesses as any human.




Joseph is a reasonably good wood sculptor, though no prodigy, a fair cook, and a somewhat above average author, especially as a playwright. He is also a fine pilot, certified for small prop planes, small jets, and sub-orbital ion craft.


As standard education goes, he has the equivalent of a contemporary 11th grade education.




Joseph owns - though doesn't generally pack around - a large chest, with four large, doll-shaped nooks, and a larger nook in the bottom. The large nook holds a device that synthesizes a strange, green fluid.


The most important of Joseph's "possessions", however, fit in the other four holders in the chest. They are four animate, and apparently at least somewhat intelligent, puppets; Joseph would object to referring to them as possessions. He thinks of them as friends.


  • BLADE - Of the four puppets, only Blade, with his hook-and-knife hands, seems truly and overtly dangerous at first blush. Standing 1'9" tall, with a thin, skull-like face with black, hollow eyesockets, and wearing a black trenchcoat and hat, Blade is a truly imposing figure. Blade acts as the de facto leader of the puppets in Toulon's absence.


  • LEECH WOMAN - Originally burnt to death in a fire, Leech Woman was rebuilt from a small amount of her original wood by Joseph, with the help of Decapitron, who helped Joseph carve her new body. Leech Woman is tied with Pinhead for the title of shortest puppet, at 1'7". Leech Woman, with her vampiric but essentially harmless-looking face, and orange evening gown, would seem perfectly harmless... That is, until she begins vomiting the blood-sucking leeches she's named for.


  • JESTER - With a rapid twirl of his tripartite face, Jester lets the world know his feelings, changing between a happy - and, frequently, demented - grin, to a mournful frown. Of the four puppets, the clown-like Jester seems to be the most overtly "intellectual" of the bunch, often taking time to sit quietly and think, or brood, over a situation, rather than rushing headlong into battle, or amusing himself in other ways. When forced into battle, Jester wields a pair of tiny shears, as deadly as Blade's knife.


  • PINHEAD - Pinhead, with his enormous hands, and tiny, diminutive head, truly lives up to his name. He is the least intelligent of the puppets, preferring to go through a problem with his immense strength, than find a way around it. Despite this, Pinhead is unwaveringly loyal to Toulon, and, by extension, Blade.


Finally, Joseph has a set of basic carving tools: A small magnifying glass, small knives of various shapes and sizes, and picks and paintbrushes.




Joseph is a pleasant, polite young man, with a very limited attention span. He doesn't like violence and unpleasantness, and will often retreat into his writing, or seek out the company of his puppets instead of other people, in such a case. He's slightly detached from reality and the present, and has trouble getting close to people, as he simply can't focus to create solid, standing relationships.


Connections: None.


Theme: "Make Yourself", Incubus