un Soutami

Odain alias: Jun

Played By: KouAidou (kouaidou@fushigiyugi.com)

Homeworld: Unknown

Physical Description:

Jun is a small, delicate girl, about 5'2" in height.  Based purely on her size and appearance, she would probably be about 14, but could believably be anywhere between the ages of 12 and 16.  Her long hair, an unusual slate-grey color, is pulled back into a loose braid, and her eyes, although usually a mild blue, seem to change color at times depending on her mood.  She usually wears a long, plain white dress and a white plastic bracelet on her right wrist that reads "Jun Soutami -- A2".


Jun possesses telekinesis, the ability to move objects with her mind. Although she has increased control over this ability since her first arrival in the Nexus, she is far from having mastered it.  Her main use of this power is creating blasts of pure kinetic force against an object, the power of which she can control to be anywhere from about the equivalent of a light touch to a punch from a well-built human male, comfortably.  She is capable of creating greater amounts of force in these blasts, as well as levitating objects, but this tends to be both physically and mentally exhausting for her, and, if used too much in a short amount of time, can result in serious damage to her mind.


Jun is extremely fragile, both physically and emotionally.  It doesn't take much to break her.  There are many painful experiences from her past that she has forced into her unconscious mind, and reminders of these experiences can sometimes cause her to act irrational.


Jun is actually very intelligent.  Her mind has an incredible potential for storing information, provided she isn't too scatterbrained to remember that she's learned it.  As such, she learns things very quickly, but tends to forget what she's learned at inappropriate times and then remember them later on.  Jun also demonstrates a natural talent for fine arts, both performing and visual.


Jun's only notable possession is a rather nasty looking double-pronged knife, which she keeps tied around her right leg, just out of sight of the casual observer.


Most of the time, Jun is a shy, gentle, quiet girl.  She becomes immediately devoted to anyone who gives her even the slightest show of kindness, and tremendously apologetic when she feels that she has wronged someone in any way. However, Jun has another side to her personality, a product of all the anger and resentment that she has kept stored up inside for her entire life. When this side is in control, she becomes rather cynical, cruel, and more prone to respond to conflict with anger and violence rather than with fear. It usually takes a relatively major event for her her dominant personality to change full-force from one side to the other, although one side may be able to force its way onto the surface temporarily.


Jun remembers very little about her past before her arrival in the Nexus, so has no real connections from before that time.  She is, however, well acquainted with most of the former residents of the Nexus.  The person she is closest to right now is Victor Knight, who has been helping her develop her powers.