uridice Seiko


Odain Alias: Euri


Homeworld: Aiseria (original metaconcept)


Played By: Jeff (lain_iwakura@softhome.net)


Physical Description:


Euri is a 16-year old woman standing at about 5'11", with blond hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a leather halter top with white highlights and gold buttons on top, a leather skirt, sandals, and fingerless white gloves done in the same motif. A fine gold chain rests on her forehead, with a ruby set in the center. Euri also carries two important accessories: the first is an enormous sword about 4 feet long and 6 inches wide, set in a brown sheath across her back; the second is a small balance that Euri likes to carry from the tip of her fingers once in a while (explained later).




Euri's powers are highly specialized; in her own world of Aiseria, there are many similar warriors/sorcerors, lumped under the generic name of "Teroa". When two Teroa meet each other, they usually engage in a friendly exchange of information and pleasantries; however, some Teroa are fairly pugilistic. This may result in what is called a Teroa Match, where each Teroa draws mystical energies from the plane they reside in and shape them in a specific fashion. Once shaped, the Teroa launches the shaped energy at his or her opponent, who defends with his or her own structure. Needless to say, certain shapes are more powerful than others (the more intricate it is, the more powerful it is, usually). Combat is based on a melee system, with the only stipulation being that each Teroa can only shape one structure at once. When one of the Teroa cannot go on, the other has won.


Euri has a gift with shaping energy and engaging in Teroa Matches. She does not usually use this ability much, since she would rather work out problems rather than destroy them, but she is quite capable of shaping such energies when needed. Off of Aiseria, this ability is completely useless unless Euri is in an area with sufficient magical energy which she can draw and shape--and even with that, she will most likely refuse to use it outside of Teroa Match (an event that is highly unlikely to happen).




Euri can swordfight well. The blade Alika was forged specifically for her (mostly so she could look impressive), and weighs a fraction of what it looks like it should. In addition, she is literate and fluent in the obscure runic language of Teroa, and can play a mean game of cards.




Euri is a woman of conviction but lacks the mindset to remain steadfast--in other words, she's somewhat of a scatterbrain. This has proven to be her downfall many, many times and probably won't change anytime soon.




Alika, the massive sword on her back, and Eilis, a small metal scale which is comprised of a slim rod with two hanging weight plates on both sides. Alika's usage is fairly obvious, while Eilis is more of a prop that Euri likes to take out when she has defeated someone in combat, either physical or Teroa.




Euri is a chirpy, cheerful girl with an easy temper (although when she gets mad, she holds a grudge for quite a while) and a bright smile. She is also obsessed with the ideals of Justice, and has even gone to the point where she "judges" her enemies upon their defeat. Despite her resolution, Euri is fairly open-minded, if not stubborn and childish at times, and friendly.


Connections: Euri knows of a few fellow Teroa back in Aisera, but not much beyond that.