anzaki Juzoh


Odain Alias: Juzoh


Played by: Shelby Scott (


Homeworld: 19th-century Japan (Gekka no Kenshi/The Last Blade reality)


Physical Description:


Juzoh is a considerably large and sturdily-built 28-year-old Japanese man (6' 4" and nearly 300 pounds) sporting long, straight brown hair that falls around his face, a thin goatee, dark brown eyes, and a near-perpetual grin on his face. He wears a simple charcoal black t-shirt, matching denim pants and an open red cargo vest. Some parts of his attire haven't changed, as Juzoh is rather against wearing shoes (hard to find wide enough ones), and has his hands, wrists, ankles and feet taped up.




Juzoh, although remarkably strong and deceptively agile, has no supernatural powers of any sort. However, he did undergo serious 'repair' upon his arrival to Marse's homeworld.


  • Lyman's Lung: Juzoh's near-useless left lung was replaced with this, giving him some limited resistance to mild airborne toxins. Its ability to allow him to breathe underwater is negated by his normal, non-altered lung.


  • Lyman's Limb - Arm Variant: Juzoh's left shoulder had been, upon his leaving Odain, completely wrecked, and his arm in the process of atrophication and decomposition from lack of blood, nutrients and exercise. Extensive surgery was done to replace nearly all of the limb, and Juzoh underwent months of rehab to learn how to use his new arm. Oddly enough, this 'addition' leaves him no stronger than he was before (a testament to his power), and is indistinguishable from his normal flesh and muscle.




Juzoh, for all his strength, is perfectly human, and not the brightest human either. Even with two years-worth of learning on Marse's homeworld, he's still slightly below the average in book smarts for someone his age.




Juzoh has all but perfected the use of the tetsubo, a large octagonal studded-metal club not unlike a baseball bat, and swings the mass of metal with amazing speed and precision. He's also pretty good at most forms of heavy labor, and is naturally athletic and mobile. He's picked up on some more modern, mundane skills in his time with Marse, but nothing else of serious importance.




Aside from his tetsubo, the nifty little carry-sheath he had built for it, his clothes and his wallet, he has nothing else on him of note.




His experiences at Odain and futher on in Marse's homeworld have done wonders to mellow Juzoh out, a certain level of maturity having permeating his normally goofy, friendly manner. He's grown incredibly thankful for his experiences, and much more self-controlled and focused. His phobia of killing still bothers him, but not to the extent that it did before, as he has had time to look within and without for peace and focus.




A number of people from Odain, having been a former occupant. He is extremely close to Marse, his wife, perhaps to the point of being overprotective.


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