aidese Teal


Real Name: Kaidese Teal


Homeworld: Faunistica (original)


Physical Description:


Kaidese is a young woman of 16, standing 5'3" tall and weighing 120 lbs. She has soft blue eyes and long green hair that falls to her waist. The top of her head is covered with a multi-colored square cloth that's tied behind her head. Kaidese wears a white robe that's cinched at the waist by a white sash and white tights, with a pair of light brown leather shoes. Over all this is a long white cloak that is typically draped around her neck and is secured by tiny loops of cloth to her shoulders. The cloak is long enough to be draped comfortably over her head and a bit of her face if need be, although she usually just lets it bunch up around the top of her back.




Kaidese can channel her ki into non-sentient objects, which makes the object in question more resilient and seemingly lighter in weight when held. The channeling drains her energies in direct proportion to the size of the object; anything with more surface area than her cloak will be somewhat taxing, and larger objects will leave her too tired to defend herself until she's had rest. The effect of channeling ends when one of two conditions are met: 1) she consciously cuts off the flow of energy, or 2) she breaks physical contact with any part of the object. Note that the fatigue will occur only after the channeling has ended.


Weaknesses: Kaidese has all the weaknesses of a human girl.




Kaidese can use her cloak as a sort of shield/whip-like weapon when it is charged, and is proficient with this form of self-defense. In addition, Kaidese can survive in the wild for extended periods of time with minimal supplies and has enough medical knowledge to treat minor wounds and illnesses.




Kaidese's cloak is just that: a normal cloak that she carries around with her as an all-purpose tool. When charged, though, it becomes Kaidese's weapon, as it is strong enough to slash through most metals with a single stroke and parry blows from weapons and projectiles, assuming she's quick enough to react to either one. Kaidese also carries a small carving knife and an unfinished woodcarving (which is indistinguishable at this point as to what it exactly is).




Kaidese is reserved but not intractable, quiet but not without intent. She prefers to be tactful and enjoys the pursuit of self-improvement and knowledge in myriad forms. She does not anger easily, although she has displayed signs of ruthlessness when she is. Kaidese is also a bit distant and neutral, although not without compassion.


Connections: None in Odain.