aoru Koganei


Odain Alias: Kaoru


Played by: Kou Aidou (


Homeworld: Modern-Day Earth (Rekka no Hono'o reality)


Physical Description:


Kaoru is a 13-year-old boy, standing just under 5 feet, with yellow eyes and short, unruly brown hair that sticks up in the front.  He dresses casually, in a white t-shirt, red vest, loose-fitting jeans that come down to just below the knee, and white sneakers. He wears a small gold necklace and a cross around his neck, and always carries what resembles a 7' tall golden halberd (See Equipment).








No special weaknesses outside of what would be expected from a 13-year-old boy.




Kaoru is in about as good shape as a person his age can get.  He's incredibly fast and agile, and fairly strong.  Although he's fairly average in most intellectual aspects, his aptitude for solving complex spacial/visual puzzles is genius level.  Finally, Kaoru has trained with all the forms of his weapon, the Kougon Anki, and would therefore would be able to use any weapon of similar design to these forms with at least some degree of skill in combat.




Kaoru's one item of importance is the Kougon Anki, one of the madougu (elemental weapons) created by the Hokage ninja clan in the late 1500s.  The Kougon Anki has five different forms, each a different weapon, each of which involves a complex process to assemble.  As the weapon's master, it only takes Kaoru a few moments to change between its forms, but for most others, it would take about 15-20 seconds to complete each procedure, assuming they knew the correct procedure.  It should be noted that despite the Kougan Anki's size, it's surprisingly light and easy to wield; any normal, well-built human would have no trouble lifting or using it.


The Kougon Anki's five forms are as follows (with URLs included with pictures):


  • Kibo- - The base form, and the one Kaoru will carry around and fight with unless the situation requires him to change.  It's flat, about 7 feet long, with a two-foot-long blade on one end and a hollowed-out space in the middle where it is held.





  • An- - A bow.  The Anki contains three arrows, which are stored inside it, the same way that the chain is.  These arrows can be reused as many times as needed, provided they're retrieved after use.  If Kaoru loses all his arrows, though, he can't replace them. ^^;




Kaoru's got about the kind of personality you'd expect from a 13 year old boy who knows he's superior, both mentally and physically, to most people older than him.  He's a pretty nice guy at heart, and demonstrates real loyalty to those he respects and/or considers friends, but he can almost be extremely arrogant, bordering on obnoxious.  He likes to be in complete control of situations, and even if he's not, he'll try to act like he is.  He respects strength and combat ability, and likes to meet people who can give him a challenge, but he equally respects kindness and honesty.






OOC Purpose:


Well...basically, I thought this guy'd be a good way to round off my team of avvies, as he's male, physically-oriented (and his choice of weapon offers a fairly intuitive and interesting variety), and only slightly heelish.  It's also been a while since I tried to play a canon character, so I felt like I might give that a try again.  I also find Kaoru to be an interesting character, though because he comes from a fighting Anime, we don't really get to see how he develops in any other kinds of situations.  I'd like to see how he'd develop in an environment made up mostly of non-combative types, and see if I can play him as something more than a typical smart-alecky Anime kid.