yle Alan Alexander


Odain Alias: Kyle


Played by: TonberryKing (richarW@clemson.edu)


Home World: Earth, present day


Physical Description:


Kyle is roughly around 15 or 16 years old.  He stands at around 5'7, has a slim build, and has dark curly red hair (practically crimson) and brown eyes.  He wears baggy blue-gray cargo pants (that has lots of pockets), a baggy black shirt and a khaki tan jacket (which also has a few pockets inside), along with a pair of hiking boots. Wears a stone pendant around his neck, made out of all things, a tiger's eye stone.  In his other form, he is a very large timber wolf  (yes, he's a lycanthrope), 3'3 at the shoulder and over 6 feet long with mostly dark grayish fur with black and white fur mixed in random streaks.  The wolf's eyes are pale yellow.




Kyle's lycanthopy allows him to turn into a wolf at will, although the process is not instantaneous.  It's NOT determined by the position of the earth's moon either.  As a werewolf, he retains his human reasoning, although the senses, instincts and natural skills of a wolf are added to his mentality. The wolf form, while it's *big*, is just a really big strong, fast wolf; no other magiks attached, so he can't turn other people into werewolves by biting them.  Kyle has no instant regenerative powers, but has a more rapid healing rate that normal humans/wolves.  He can heal from lethal and or paralyzing wounds although it takes a very long time.




As a human, Kyle suffers from all normal human weaknesses (the extent of the damage is different than most people).  Power other than the healing ability doesn't carry over to his human form.  His reasoning is dampened by the wolf's instincts, and it takes self control to keep this down, or else Kyle will give into whatever impulses the wolf is feeling.  Needless to say making him angry in this form makes it ever harder to control himself.  Also, the myths hold true in that anything made out of silver can really ruin Kyle's day.  Touching it irritates his skin, and to be shot/stabbed/injected with silver is the same as poisoning him. Further still, even if it isn't touching him, if enough silver is around him, it'll prevent him from being able to transform in either form.  He ain't too keen on making his powers known either, and thus can easily be blackmailed if someone finds out.  Also, Kyle's control of his powers depend on the amount of stress he's experiencing.  Enough mental stress or trauma can make him accidentally "go wolf" unintentionally, and he won't turn back into a human until he's calmed down.  Animals can sense Kyle's powers, and whether or not they're below wolves on the food chain will make them fear, or show contempt towards him.  Anyone with extraordinary senses might be able to tell that something's amiss about his aura and it takes a lot of skill (or mind reading) to recognize him for what he is.




Kyle's not a very good student academic wise, except for art.  He likes to paint most of all, and is very good. It seems to be the only thing good he does anymore.  He knows something about cooking, and being part wolf has allowed him to be a bit more understanding of nature around him.




His clothes, which can be easily trashed if he doesn't get rid of them before the change over, and a back pack containing his brushes, paints, a packet of water color paper, an art catalogue... a normal school backpack.  He carries an antique pocket watch that belonged to his grandpa in his jacket.




Kyle's not exactly a happy camper.  He's moody, temperamental at times, and usually gives the outward persona of a jerk.  The reason that he turns into a wolf would be reason enough to warrant this behavior... but when your mother leaves you at age ten after finding out that Kyle would inherit this ability is even more of a reason.  Fearing rejection Kyle trusts those around him little, although a genuinely caring person could get trough to him eventually.  He's not a complete sour apple he just wants to be.  When he's a wolf, the stress and angst in his human form is reduced thanks to the animal's instincts.  So Kyle's rather accepting of his powers, and finds it as an escape from all the crap he's put up with.  He also enjoys the fact that most people will leave him the hell alone when he's a very large wolf.  However, he really does not want it to be made public knowledge, since he's afraid of an angry mob with torches and pitchforks hunting him down.




With a mother that ran out on her family and a withdrawn father who never came forward about his powers, or much on how Kyle should cope with them Kyle has little if any family connections.  He doesn't have many friends back on earth either.


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