arse Brellus


Odain Alias: Marse


Played by: Chris Vincent


Homeworld: Original concept


Physical Description


Marse stands approximately 6' 7".  Her long, straight hair is a deep green.  Her eyes are sky blue.  She's rather heavily muscled, looking close to 220 lbs.  Her figure is still however, surprisingly feminine.(It'd be almost impossible to mistake her for a man, just by her figure alone).  She typically wears a grey tank top, a pair of camouflage jeans, and a pair of worn combat boots. She looks like she's about 25 years old, although she's actually in her seventies (73 to be exact).




Marse has had several genetically enhanced organs and tissues implanted in her body, which give her abilities beyond those of a normal human.  These organs are as follows.


  • Haemastamen:  This organ, located in her abdomen, has taken over the role of the primary blood production facility in her body.  Her blood is a much brighter color than normal human blood, and is capable of absorbing more oxygen than normal human blood, thus allowing Marse to maintain high levels of activity for an extended period of time.  It also produces VERY strong white blood cells, which render Marse immune to just about any non-magical and non-technological disease she's likely to run across.


  • Biscopea: This tiny organ, which is approximately the size of a marble, was implanted in her chest cavity.  It releases special muscle-building hormones, which keep Marse in top physical condition, even without exercise. A secondary effect of these hormones, is a greatly extended lifespan.  Marse has approximately 130 years of life left.


  • Occulobe: These small strips of tissue wrap around Marse's optic nerves. They greatly increase Marse's visual acuity, as well as allow her to see in total darkness.


  • Lyman's Ear: This has replaced the natural structures and organs in Marse’s ears. It's basically no different from the normal ear, except for it's increased sensitivity, and acuity.


  • Lyman's Lung: Marse's lungs have been replaced by a genetically engineered pair of lungs, which are capable of breathing water as well as air, and render her immune to mildly toxic gases. (Breathing in a room full of smoke isn't a problem, but a good dose of nerve gas will leave her very much dead.)




Aside from what is listed above, Marse is very much human. Being shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, burned, or anything else like that will hurt/kill her.  Also, Marse is rather dirty minded, which tends to offend some people.




Marse is a trained soldier, although she was discharged several years ago, she's still in top form.  She's a good hand-to-hand combatant, as well as good with just about any kind of gun you're ever likely to run across.


Marse is extremely strong, and can bench-press about 420 lbs.  She's a fairly fast runner, and has remarkable endurance.  Overall, she's an exceptional athlete.




  • Duffle Bag: It has a few changes of clothes (none of which are of any real note) as well as a few everyday necessities.


  • Knife: Marse has a 9" fighting knife in her right boot.  It's exceptionally hard to break, but other than that, it's nothing special.




Marse is a fairly easygoing person.  She likes a good joke, and doesn't mind helping somebody out if they need it.  Her manners are a bit crude at times, but she really does mean well.  She can seem overconfident sometimes, which tends to grate on people from time to time.  She doesn't carry any predjudice against anyone or anything, and is willing to be friends (and sometimes a bit *more* with the male gender) with just about anyone.


Connections: None in Odain.