Odain Alias: Matthias


Played By: TonberryKing (


Homeworld:  Earth near the end of the middle ages in the area separating England from Scotland


Physical Description:


For someone who lived in the dark ages, Matthias is an exceedingly tall man, standing at 6'5.  Around 23, Matthias has straw like blonde hair cut short and dull blue eyes, and is built like an ox (and probably smells like one) thanks to all the years he's worked in a mill.  He wear's a friar's robe that barely fits his frame and wears dilapidated sandals on his rough feet.   Has a trace of a Scottish accent in his voice.




As a monk, Matthias' only ability that constitutes as a power is his unwavering, adamant faith in the Lord.  While they lack healing abilities and demon smiting powers his prayers are honest and good ones.  One other arguable power is the fact that Matthias can withstand *very* cold weather conditions and climates with little effort because of the cold climates of his homeland.




While he certainly means well enough, Matthias is *very* clumsy.  An oaf in short.  He constantly trips and stumbles over his own feet (which is why his knees are usually bruised), has next to no coordination and doesn't know his own strength.  Also he's a bit slow of mind in any situation other than prayer rites and is *far* too trusting...




Matthias is actually good at running and working a mill, and his spiritual skills as a monk are competent, despite his shortcomings.  Has the status to consecrate Holy Water.  He is also good with chores (give or take an accident or two) that involving cleaning, moving heavy objects, etc etc.  He has some accurate (none of the hokey “cures” of the mid ages) methods of tending to wounds such as being able to set a broken bone (with someone guiding him), bandaging, and cleaning a cut but little else that would require more skill and nimbleness of hands.    He's also able to read but cannot write do to his lack of articulation with a quill.




Other than his robes and sandals, Matthias carries around an ordinary oak staff, an iron cross with just a little bit of decorative trim on a rough leather cord around his neck, and keeps a small jug like container of Holy Water tied to the cord around his waist. He has amazingly kept it from being broken.




Matthias is a very kindhearted soul, despite the fact that he looks like a thug who stole a monk’s outfit.  He’s a very honest and surprisingly open-minded religious man for his time.  He’s enlightened both spiritually and mentally since selling his mill and joining a monastery after a “revelation” he had in a dream.  He’s quite aware of his clumsiness and thinks that it’s God’s will that he help those around them in anyway he can in order to make up for his shortcomings.  His eagerness to help people can sometimes cause problems of helping too much, however.  Which brings up another problem: Matthias has occasional bouts of self-inadequacy… even if there aren’t any external situations that would cause it.