Odain Alias: Mewling


Played by: NotReallyHere


Homeworld: Pokeworld (Evo timeline)


Physical description:


Mewling is a deformed MewTwo. She stands 4'3", and her colors are the reverse of the original MewTwo. Her left arm prematurely terminates just below the elbow; her right arm is thin and spindly. Both legs are twisted, in a manner that looks painful. Her tail bifurcates. One of her tail-ends loops around and intersects itself, and the other one is hairless and pale. Her left eye is a gray, sightless orb, but her right eye is normal and functional (with a green iris). Her ears are somewhat lower on her head and further to the sides than a regular MewTwo. Her head itself is deformed, being flatter than normal. She has no actual mouth, with all that entails.




Mewling has a very powerful Recover ability; she has developed it to such a degree that, unlike the normal Recover, she can use it in a weakened state on other Pokemon. If normally injured (from regular Pokemon battling, or a conditional modifier like poison), Mewling can heal them as efficiently with Recover as a fully-equipped Pokemon center. More badly injured Pokemon can be healed with an extended stay in her willing presence, up to a point- for example, missing limbs won't regenerate and old scars won't vanish. When using it on herself, Mewling can heal quite a lot... provided the injury didn't render her unable to use Recover.


Although unable to eat, Mewling has sufficient Psychic power that she can draw energy from other minds in her vicinity. She is in fact unaware that she does this, and has never had any particular reason to think about it. Although she could in theory draw on waking minds, those tend to be too busy with coping with life to have much energy to spare. Instead, she draws from sleeping minds, somewhat like a non-harmful Dream Eater. Those she takes from may experience fewer dreams or more nightmares, or simply have her in their dreams, but will wake up no less the rested. If she were forced to draw on one or two people for strength, this might not be the case, but the hotel has plenty.


Mewling has relied upon her telekinetic abilities to cope with her less-than-impressive body. Although she can manage to limp along, she much prefers to levitate herself and move that way. Likewise, though she can use her right arm more or less normally, she prefers to simply move things with her mind when necessary. She can move about 350 pounds at a time, including her own weight if she's moving about. She can manipulate fluids and gases, but those are tricky and take some concentration.


Although Mewling *could* learn any of the normal MewTwo skills, events early in her life left her with an abhorrence of death and injury; she declined to learn any offensive attacks, as a result. The closest she has is a very weak variant of Psychic: it does no actual damage, but causes massive, migraine-level headaches in everyone nearby (or at least, in everyone vulnerable to headaches). Another psychic would note that this attack isn't powerful, but it is pervasive, requiring a sustained effort to block. Instead of offensive abilities, Mewling has developed Barrier, Teleport, Recover, Transform, and Mist.


Transform, for Mewling, is an accidental holdover from her Mew genetic origins; it is not fast nor accurate, taking an hour to perform and resulting in a general copy of her target. She requires a cooperative and unmoving target, such as an inanimate object or a willing individual. She cannot copy a specific person or thing, only the type- she can become a table, but not *that* table; she can become a human, but not a particular human. Transforming back to herself takes only a few seconds.


Barrier, Teleport, and Mist make up Mewling's battle array. If attacked, she will throw up a Barrier immediately, then Teleport away. If, for whatever reason, she cannot Teleport, she will use Mist and cause a thick, pea-soup fog to arise, by increasing the surface tension of the water molecules in the air. She will then use telekinesis to place herself in a relatively safe position and wait until she *can* Teleport away. Her Barrier is not as strong as MewTwo's; it can be broken by repeated gunshots, a reasonably powerful explosive (a stick of dynamite would do, but not a cherry bomb, for example) or a magical attack, though it can withstand most normal Pokemon attacks.




Mewling cannot eat in the normal fashion; she must find other methods to gain sustenance. Her pseudo-Dream Eater can sustain her, but the ability itself will run down and need to be restored via sleep or a Pokecenter. If she were to find herself away from other sentient beings, she could draw enough energy to survive from animals, but not enough to use much Psychic ability. If denied even those as a source of strength (or if her Psychic centers were damaged), Mewling would quite probably starve. Physically, she is weak and slow, so if her Psychic abilities are blocked or expended in other uses, she cannot reasonably defend herself. She is not good at social conventions, having hidden for most of her existence. Her immune system is understandably weak, on its own- if she gets sick, she Recovers it away, denying her body the chance to fight back on its own. Like any other Psychic-type, she is vulnerable to Bug attacks. She is entirely unwilling to harm others. When her abilities become exhausted, she must sleep or spend time in a PokeCenter before she can use them again, like any other Pokemon. Finally, if taken by surprise, before she can get her Barrier up or Teleport away, Mewling is all but certain to be hit.




Mewling has her Pokeball, which she escaped from a relatively short time ago. Once she did, she was able to make subtle modifications to it to allow her to enter and exit at will. She is understandably paranoid about this Pokeball, and hides it in extremely difficult-to-find places, preferably ones that are physically inaccessible to anything larger than the ball itself. She otherwise has literally nothing.




Mewling has a highly unstable personality. At times she is wracked in horror at her own existence, and then she is kept from destroying herself only by her hatred of death. At other moments, she can greatly resemble Nurse Joy. She will normally be found somewhere between the two extremes. She also has somewhat of a fixation on Ash Ketchum: Being a failed attempt before MewTwo was successfully created, Mewling was in existence during the events surrounding Ash's encounter with MewTwo. Although in her Pokeball at the time, the Psychic power levels conveyed to her the entire affair, including Ash's death. She believes she was responsible for his subsequent return, though she sometimes, usually when in a bitter mood, questions this belief as implausible, and it is still unlikely that she will ever find out the truth, one way or another.


In any case, Mewling has come to consider Ash a near-Saintly figure, representing the hope, nobility, and promise of the outside world. She did not roam long enough before coming to the Nexus to be disillusioned. She practiced her Recovery on injured Pokemon she discovered, though she always remained hidden. She is always willing to use her abilities for others, on the grounds that those she helps are more likely to defend her if she needs it. She herself will not hurt anyone else if she can in any way prevent it.


Mewling is very confident in her Recover ability; when she was created, the scientists tried to terminate her. Before even gaining consciousness for the first time, she was able to use Recover on herself and cure the lethal injection. The scientists were sufficiently intrigued that she was placed in a Pokeball for later dissection and analysis. Needless to say, they never got to that point.




Mewling has grown very fond of Owen and Donnie, even becoming protective at times. The one and only time thus far that she proved willing to harm another being was when she perceived a threat to Donnie. She also considers Gadget a friend and confidant. She has tried, and continues to try, to offer her healing abilities to all in need, and has thereby come into contact with a large portion of Odain's population. She has a degree of mistrust towards humans, preferring those who aren't quite homo sapiens, or far from it- Owen and Professor Oak are perhaps the only full humans in the mountain that she trusts implicitly. She hates and fears Aeris, but feels extraordinary guilt over attacking her; she fears Justonav for various reasons; she is wary of Tristan.


Theme song: The Pokecenter background music (from Red/Blue/Yellow).