ika Tracende


Real Name: Nika Tracende


Played By: Jeff (lain_iwakura@softhome.net)


Physical Description:


Nika is a small girl of 13 years of age, standing at 5'2" and weighing 110 lbs. She has green eyes and long, wispy blond hair that is usually cinched up in a simple green ribbon near the bottom, which roughly comes down to her waist. Nika wears a simple one-piece dress that is made from rough-feeling fabric, done in a white-and-yellow checkerboard print and cinched at the waist with a length of cloth in the same scheme that serves as her belt. Upon this belt, she hangs a hard plastic-like sheath that serves as the holding place for her weapon, Erii (detailed later in Equipment). The dress goes down to her knees; Nika also wears a pair of soft, non-descript shoes which wrap around her feet snugly.




Nika has some powers that she can voluntarily use. In her homeworld of Lex, she could utilize magical power in order to enhance her strength, stamina, and speed, and perform feats that would be physically impossible for a human of her size. In Odain, however, the source of this magic is considerably weakened, and Nika can only grant herself subtle increases to her speed and stamina by concentrating for a few seconds to invoke the magic. These bonuses last as long as she is focused upon them; an attack that disrupts her concentration in any form (physical pain, psychic attacks, etc.) will nullify the effects. When the magic is in effect, Nika will glow with a very faint bluish aura that hovers a few millimeters off of her body.




Nika's subdued nature makes her easy prey for people who wish to deceive her. Also, she cannot engage in effective combat without some form of weapon similar to Erii in balance and weight.




Nika is an extremely proficient swordfighter, and has all-but mastered a form of melee utilizing her weapon, Erii. This form of combat can best be described as a cross between fencing and the close-range techniques of Wing Chun kung fu, relying on speed and and agility as opposed to power. Since Nika cannot place a large amount of force behind her blows, she relies instead upon striking where it would be most lethal and effective, if she is aiming to kill. She is capable of performing gymnastics if need be, but only for evasive value, as opposed to aesthetic. Nika can hold her own quite well against similarly armed opponents, and even stand against multiple opponents briefly. She also knows a few very rudimentary bare-hand defensive maneuvers, but her skill with this form of combat is fairly unremarkable. Her position as the princess' bodyguard has also taught her how to cook, although she is not particularly skilled at it, and basic literacy in addition to familiarity with some legend and lore of her homeworld.




Nika carries one piece of equipment with her constantly, and will not remove it unless she is sleeping or resting: Erii, a thin metal rod just over one foot in length, with a stylized high-friction grip and a sharpened end designed for stabbing. The metal is of normal density, and would feel as heavy as any other object with similar size and shape. It has no special properties about it.




Nika is a very strange girl. Having been sold around in slave markets for the first few years of life, she finally ended up in Jumana under the apprenticeship of the ruling house, where a young princess lived. The two grew up together and became inseparable, especially Nika, who saw her Mistress as her sole raison d'etre. Nika also learned proper conduct while under her servitude, and almost never speaks unless spoken to, and follows orders of her master unconditionally. She also houses a good deal of emotional baggage, but almost never shows it; for the most part, she's silent, complacent, and just a little bit creepy.


Connections: Nika has no connections in Odain at this time.