rofessor Edward Hiram Oak


Odain Alias: ProfessorOak


Played by: Glazius Falconar (


Homeworld: Pokemon: Evolution continuity


Physical Description:


Professor Oak is an old man, with graying hair that somehow manages to remain spiked and a face crossed with wrinkles and smile lines. He's about 5'6", and still maintains a fairly stocky build under his turtleneck and khaki slacks. He wears a white lab coat as well, out of habit more than anything else. He doesn't portray much of an aura of menace, but then again very few old men can manage that.




Oak has no powers of his own; what powers he does have stem from three of his Pokemon, highly experimental models at that. He will generally let no more than one out of its Pokeball at a time, sometimes to discuss matters with them (more on that later), but can release all three if he's in a truly tight spot. Oak's Pokemon are:


  • Tasskadabra - This altered Kadabra possesses a natural coat of armor plates, similar in appearance to MewTwo's armor in the Ground Badge episode of the anime. It can manifest psionic energy as blades from two of the plates on its arms. This gives it some minor ability to harm ghosts and spiritual entities, something psychic pokemon are normally incapable of. However, the construction of the plates make it very difficult to channel force into any focused beam; the blades are by far the best weapon in Tasskadabra's melee arsenal. It also knows Teleport, and can take up to three man-sized creatures with it when it does, but can only move to a location it has previously studied and knows well.


  • Magmeleon - This altered Charmeleon has a tail flame composed in part of elemental megnesium, allowing it to fight with some effectiveness in watery conditions; however, its flame is, overall, considerably weaker than even a Charmander's. Its body is covered almost entirely with a silvery layer of armor; two nozzles protrude from it at the wrists, from which it can project low-power flames.


  • Dekabell - This heavily altered Victreebell is entirely metallic, to the point of making a slight clanging noise as it moves about. It is incapable of any sort of spore attack; Oak primarily uses it because it can set up an arc-shaped barrier of compressed air using carefully modulated sound waves; the barrier is impassable to a single shot from a large-caliber handgun or a rush from a fairly well-built man. Any force beyond this will shatter the barrier and stun Dekabell, and energy-based weapons pass right through.




Oak is an old man, well past his prime. He can't move very fast or react very quickly, and there is the matter of getting the Pokemon out of their pokeballs to be used, which will be nearly impossible under pressure. Even though Oak is fairly spry for his age, and his bones won't snap under everyday strain, he is nowhere near a match, physically, for most of the people in Odain.




Oak Knows Pokemon. Not unlike the way Bo Knows Baseball. He has nigh-encyclopedic knowledge as to the structure and function of most canon Pokemon and some of his own devising. He's also a fairly good engineer, both mechanical and genetic, though whether appropriate facilities will be available for him to practice either one... well it's not bloody likely. He also has the wisdom and insight that thirty years of wild life and forty of being settled down can bring.




Aside from his Pokeballs, labcoat, and clothing, Oak has nothing.




Professor Oak... believes he is dead, and that Odain is an extension of the afterlife. He will bring this topic up in conversation many, many times, often to the bewilderment of everyone else. He thinks that his Pokemon represent facets of his personality: Tasskadabra the intellectual, Magmeleon the physical, and Dekabell the introverted inner child. He will address them as such; they know better, but are willing to humor Oak because he means no harm in it. Aside from these relatively major quirks, Oak is a kindly old man, willing to give people whatever help and advice he can - often about their souls and path to salvation.




Why does Oak think he's dead? The reason is simple enough... he sacrificed himself to prevent Rocket United from launching a wave of mutants that would cause massive damage to the known world, largely because his research led to their creation, though he did not know it at the time. He was not killed, however, merely ejected from the timestream to return later, to a different dimension entirely. He does not believe this theory, however, maintaining his current location to be the afterlife.


Plot Purpose:


Oak's there to make people think, mostly... metaphysical arguments aren't at all easy to refute. His ramblings seem insane at times, but there may very well be a grain of truth to them - Oak can be astonishingly perceptive at times.




None of note, really. No Pokemon avatars have yet come to Odain, save Mewling, but Oak doesn't know about her... except perhaps in a very loose sense.


Theme music: "In the Morning Light", by Yanni.