neira Shadow


Odain Alias: Oneira


Played by: Tiffa


Homeword: Original


Physical Description:


Oneira is a tall, shapely elf, with long jet black hair (styled somehow like Pokemon's Sabrina's, yet tied in a tail by her neck), jet black eyes, and dark skin. She is -not- a Drow, seeing as the genes that were taken to create her and Hikari weren't related to this species, but her skin color seems to be caused by her power over shadows.


Oneira is usually seen wearing elegant clothes, all completely black, or if in a rare occasion she's being informal, a black leather jacket and black jeans.




Oneira can see quite well in total darkness, and her hearing is superb.


As stated, Oneira is the first Shadow Child. This means that she is a shadow wielder... and quite probably the strongest of all the Children that can wield shadows.


Between Oneira's powers are the ability to manipulate shadows (change their shapes, but they remain two-dimensional), and teletransportation through shadows (she needs to be able to see the place she wants to go... but she can sink into her own shadow, although she still needs a shadow large enough to emerge from).


Also, among her more advanced powers is the ability to solidify shadows. She can attack using the, but they won't probably hurt much, although an onslaught of solid shadow objects can disorient a person. The solidified shadow is about the consistency of a pillow, and about as dense


She can also pin someone into the ground by their shadow; this will last for a few minutes (or until a bright light is exposed to the shadow, it works much like Slayers' Shadow Snap). More explanation on how she does that later (in Equipment.)


Probably her nastiest power is the one that enables her to HURT people through their shadows. While the most she can cause are bruises, never cuts, this is still quite painful (and surprising). She canít kill with a strike, even one to vulnerable spots like an eye or the larynx, but, say, a groin shot will carry an appropriate level of discomfort. This will also be explained later (in Equipment).




Her main weakness is one, bright light (sunlight or brighter). This disrupts ALL of her spells, and blinds her quite easily. Also, her powers won't work in complete darkness.




Oneira is rather strong, and athletic, and can put up a mean fight barehanded if she wishes too.


Her absolute best skill, however, is that of wielding a whip with precision.




Oneira really has two items worth of mention:


Some sort of small lightsticks. She uses this to provide light in absolute darkness and thus be able to use her powers. She has six of this, and each one can last up to ten minutes before they have to be recharged (via a power outlet)


Her other, most prized, possession is her whip. The whip is made of an indeterminate substance, and is black like night. It seems like a normal whip to anyone who canít wield Shadow powers, but it has special properties for Oneira. With this whip, Oneira can snap a shadow into the ground, as well as causing damage to the shadow itself if she doesn't feel like attacking the person (the results WILL be the same).




Oneira is rather... cold. Unlike some of the other Shadow children, Oneira does have feelings... but she finds them bothersome. She looks at most other people with contempt (her sister Hikari is one of them) or she just ignores them all together. Then there are the odd occasions in which she decides to be a complete bitch towards somebody.


The only person she really seems to care about are the other Shadow children, to whom she's usually seen as the leader. She also tends to act... intimate towards them, in front of other people. Whether this is true or not is only for her and the other children to know.




Oneira will have heard stories from Meiri and Ambika (particularly the first), whether she paid attention is another matter.


She knows Meiri and finds her annoying.


She also knows Ambika, and is, all in all, quite proud of her, since she is able to manipulate the Elemental Shadow.




The last of the First Children† (the Children are genetically created boys and girls with magic powers, like Meiri or Ambika. The First Children were, as their name states, the first of them) was supposed to be a light wielder, taking Light as a general term for both light and dark. It, however, "failed", as the embryo divided leaving two behind. Thus, the Light child, Hikari, and the Shadow Child, named Shadow, were born.


Shadow changed her name as soon as she could to something not as "simple" as her original name was, instead opting for something more... interesting. Thus she changed her name to Oneira.


Much to her chagrin, the doctors still put her last name as Shadow.