tephanie Trace


Odain alias: Pandora


Played By: Spider


Homeworld: Earth


Physical Description:


Stephanie is very tall for a woman (at six feet), and slim. Her skin is nearly jet black, and her hair is even darker, slightly curly, and falls down to her shoulders. The most unusual thing about her appearance is a yin/yang symbol tattooed on her left hand.




All of Stephanie's powers stem from her music. She has to be playing an instrument of some sort to use them--the magic won't travel through her voice.


  • Hypnosis: This is Pandora's main power. She can deliberately cause her music to put those listening to it into a trance, of sorts. She can manipulate people's emotions; her specialty is amplifying emotions, and mostly unpleasant ones, so that she can turn an argument into a fight easily, make someone slightly depressed break down and cry, etc. She can only use her powers to amplify an emotion that already exists, and they have to be at least slightly receptive to it--someone trying to kill her isn't likely to wait long enough for an emotional overhaul. An odd aspect of the power is that the more deeply affected by it a person is, the less they notice the music, until someone completely under her influence wouldn't even realize she was in the room.


  • Silence: Fairly self-explanatory. For as long as she keeps playing, the song is the only sound that can be heard in the area. While it can be useful against sonic attacks, she more often uses it when she just wants people to pay attention to her.


  • Discord: Pandora's last-ditch self-defense maneuver. She plays a single note, and glass/crystal shatters, stone and concrete can crack, and living creatures suffer intense pain. Small animals can even be killed by means of this, though in humans, it doesn't have any lasting physical effect. It just *hurts*. Pandora can't "aim" it at all, though, so she doesn't use it around friends. Mostly because they're much less likely to be friends afterwards.


Pandora's music always sounds extremely beautiful and oddly compelling, though this has no game effect.




Physically, Stephanie is an ordinary, flesh-and-blood human being. Also, most normal musical instruments weren't meant to channel magic through them, and if Pandora uses her powers too often, too quickly--particularly discord --the instrument will simply fall apart. Since her powers are magical, they can be either hindered or augmented by powers that affect magic.




Stephanie is a very accomplished musician and composer, as well as an artist; "Pandora" is the name she puts on all of her work. Other than that, she has all the basic skills one would expect of a college graduate.




Pandora's most prized possession is a violin she carries with her at all times. It's very well-made, though it isn't magical in any way. Other than that, Stephanie usually doesn't carry very much with her, except for a little spending money. She does, however, have a single, rather large suitcase filled with clothes and other things one might need when going to another dimension.




Stephanie is fascinated with the unknown, and the forbidden; she came to the Nexus after she voluntarily walked into a gate that opened in the middle of Los Angeles. What interests her the most is human emotion, and she thinks it's sad the way most people live their lives with their feelings held in. Pandora is very friendly and outgoing, and though her music causes a lot of trouble for a lot of people, she thinks of it as helping them discover their true natures.




Stephanie Trace is a complete unknown, which is exactly how she likes it. Pandora has a very large following, back on Earth, though it doesn't help her when she's off-planet.


While in the Nexus, Pandora had a *ahem* interesting relationship, for a time, with a demonic entity with similar powers.