ayna Itegumi


Odain Alias: Rayna


Played By: Amanda Berman (jedigirl_21@hotmail.com)


Homeworld: 'A Deeper Earth'; Original Continuity & Concept


Physical Description:


Rayna is a young girl of sixteen standing at 5'7", with a lean but healthy build. She has unruly purple hair, alert pink eyes, a sharply-upturned nose, and her upper two canine teeth are noticeably long and pointy. She usually wears fingerless black leather gloves, a single-strap grey-blue shirt, jeans, and simple black boots. Around her neck is a black choker with a single large freshwater pearl dangling from it.




Rayna specializes in Buddhist mantras, sutras, and wards. She can also use some offensive magic spells based on fire, water, poison, or ki; however, she will save the more-damaging attacks as a last resort. She knows the following spells:


  • "Maneki no Shochi": This is a defensive spell used to freeze or slow down an opponent, activated with a handclasp and an incantation (rough length of chant time 8 seconds). An amber-colored beam of light flies out at the opponent, and surrounds him/her if it hits, rendering them incapable of motion or hindering their speed greatly. This spell can only be performed perhaps 2 or 3 times within the space of a day.


  • "Swift Pearl": An offensive spell in which she holds up a hand, chants an incantation (15 seconds), and materializes a loose string of pearls in hand. She then sends the pearls at her opponent. The pearls cause moderate physical wounds such as bruises and welts if they successfully hit.


  • "Poison Fang": This spell is not activated with a chant; instead, Rayna attempts to bite into her opponent. The poison in her fangs will make them rather ill (as from a normal snakebite). However, the poison is not lethal, and she can only use this twice before running out of poison.


  • Shapeshifting: As a Mi-Tama, the shapes Rayna takes are usually that of snakes -- cobra (sometimes appearing with 9 heads), 20-foot giant cobra (a form rarely used in public) and half-human half-snake. The purpose of these forms are usually for appearances in ceremonies, getting into small crevices, and makes for an *extremely* interesting scare tactic to play in combat.




Rayna has some snake-like tendencies, and some vulnerabilities as well -- extreme heat and cold, some occasional poor vision or hearing, and an animosity towards anything weasel-like (in either appearance or nature). Rayna is also vulnerable when it comes to severe cuts, burns, broken bones, infections, and mental illness.




  • Acrobatics: Rayna is very flexible, lithe, and graceful, and can manage some rather theatrical stunts, as well as tumbles, ducks, leaps, equilibrium, and climbing.


  • Swimming: A Mi-Tama's true home is in their undersea kingdom; Rayna is no exception. In snake, human, or hybrid form, Rayna is incredibly quick in the water.


  • Senses: Rayna's vision is a bit failing in moments -- however, her reflexes, and senses of movement, sound, and heat are insanely keen.




Save for a single Buddhist prayer rosary in her pocket - nothing. Zilch. Zip. With that and the clothes on her back, Rayna has figured that she doesn't desperately need anything that she can't get wherever she's going to.




As a 'Mi-Tama' (snake spirit) or 'Naga', Rayna usually possesses a calm, cheerful, approachable, and friendly disposition. She has roots in Zen Buddhism, and has, over the years, grown closer to humans and away from her own kind. In that time, however, she has been developing a slight superiority complex that is brought about by a tendency to act condescending towards someone she doesn't hold in high esteem, which could be the beginnings of something that could be her downfall in the future.


Rayna's faith also dictates that sensuality, greed and related aspects are a waste of energy, and thus she tries to refrain from such things. However, as she's grown, Rayna is starting to wonder whether or not swearing off certain things for the rest of her life will be something she might regret. Nonetheless, she does try her best to keep herself under some semblance of control.


Connections: None at this time.


Theme: "Beautiful Wasteland", Capercaille