Odain Alias: Rek


Played by: Chris Vincent (lord_deimos_1@hotmail.com)


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Rek's humanoid-half is dark skinned, has sharply pointed ears, long black hair and green, reptilian eyes. She is very shapely and attractive, appearing to be in her mid-twenties. She has a few brown mottles running up her sides and back that reach about halfway to her shoulders. She wears a light brown leather-vest, which laces up in the front, keeping it shut.


Her serpentine-half is covered in large, thick dark brown scales, with black spots, and has a light brown underbelly. It's 25 feet long, and considerably bulkier than her human torso at the front, and tapers off in girth as you get closer to the tail. When she transforms it into a pair of legs, it looks as if she's wearing a skin-tight pair of snake-skin pants, which cover her feet as well. In human form, she is 5'11".




        Amphibious - Rek's race of nagas spend a lot of time in the water, and have developed the magical ability to breathe water as well as air.


        Camouflage - Rek's skin contains pigment glands that can be voluntarily activated, to blend in to her surroundings. She certainly can't become invisible by any stretch, but can change the markings and coloration of her entire body to better blend in to her surroundings in the same manner as a chameleon, but can be turned on and off in a matter of seconds.


        Slow Metabolism - Rek's metabolism is very slow, due to the fact that she is cold-blooded. Thus, she does not need to eat more than once a year when coupled with the sheer size of her stomach. However, when she does eat, she eats a LOT, ingesting several hundred pounds of meat in a single sitting. This still applies, even when she transforms, as the food in her stomach is still there, but stored magically.


        Size and Weight - Rek's serpentine-half is immensely large and heavy, making her very difficult to move without her consent. (Not applicable in human form.)


        Constrict - Rek's serpentine-half is that of a large constrictor. If she can catch an enemy in her coils, she can squeeze the air out of them, causing them to lose consciousness or die from asphyxiation if she doesn't release the hold. This can also cause ribs to crack and break, although she can exercise enough restraint to keep from doing so, and merely cause her enemy to lose consciousness. (Once again, not applicable in human form.)


        Elastic Jaw - Rek's bones and flesh can become magically elastic while she's feeding, allowing her to swallow very large portions of food whole. She's capable of chewing her food like a human, but her people only typically do that when they're eating for pleasure, rather than for sustenance. (Also not applicable in human form)


        Human Form - Rek can transform her serpentine body into a pair of human legs. They are however, covered in scales, but look as though she's simply wearing a pair of skin-tight snake-skin pants which extend over, and cover her feet as well.




        Cold-Blooded - Rek's reptilian side makes her cold-blooded. She will go into hibernation if she gets too cold, and if she gets too hot, she'll go into shock. Thus, she must carefully regulate her body temperature through warming and cooling her body for certain periods of time each day. This also gives her a high degree of vulnerability to heat or cold-based attacks that expose her to hot or cold for a prolonged period of time.


        Size and Weight - Rek's size and weight(about 1,000 lbs) also makes it difficult for her to fit into small, enclosed spaces, and things may give way under her immense weight. She's also a very large target, due to her size. (Again, not applicable in human form)




Rek is highly skilled at using her serpentine body to hunt and constrict prey, and an excellent swimmer. Her humanoid torso isn't any stronger than a normal human female would be. She's also very knowledgeable in wilderness survival, especially in a heavily wooded or a fresh-water aquatic environment. She's also quite adept at using her camouflage ability to blend in to an environment, and she knows how to properly regulate her body temperature with a great degree of accuracy (though this is by no means absolute see weaknesses, above).


Rek's profession is that of a healer, and she knows how to treat humans and demi-humans, as well as her own race. She has extensive knowledge of first aid procedures, herbal medicine, and basic surgical techniques (such as stitching up a wound, removing abnormal growths, etc.), as well as the ability to accurately diagnose and assess a large number of illnesses and injuries.




        Vest - Rek's vest is made of a very durable, yet pliable animal hide. It's completely water-proof(which is typical of the clothing that nagas wear), and has several well-made, buttoned pockets which contain the following.


        Medicinal Herbs - These herbs are contained in small, waterproof flasks. They can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, as well as function as sedatives, pain-killers, stimulants, and other common drugs. These herbs must be properly mixed and prepared, however. To try to use them without any knowledge of how to do so could result in creating a dangerously toxic substance. She does not have a large amount of these herbs, and must be careful in using them to make them last.


        Surgical kit - This small, water-tight box contains a curved needle, surgical thread and scalpel. All of which are very normal.


        Seed flask - contained within this waterproof flask are several seeds and bulbs of the same herbs contained in the flasks. Rek doesn't usually carry this around with her, she only does so when she's collecting or planting seeds and/or bulbs. Each variety of herb requires different care to grow propery, and they all grow at different speeds.




Rek is very peaceful, and non-violent. She prefers to avoid violent conflict at all costs, and will only act in violence if absolutely necessary, and even then she will exercise a high amount of restraint, and try to end the confrontation with as little force as possible. Despite her non-combative nature, Rek is quite strong-willed, and is not afraid to take a firm stand on something.


Rek is friendly, and doesn't mind helping someone when they need it. It doesn't matter if they need a strong back, or just someone to listen, she's always happy to oblige.


However, she may seem a bit lazy at times, by human standards. This is because of her reptilian side's instinct to conserve energy. She likes to spend several hours a day just lying around in(or submerged completely in) a body of water, as well as warm and cool spots, depending upon her mood.


Connections: None.