ichard Knierko / erothen


Odain Alias: Richard / Serothen


Played By: NotReallyHere


Homeworld: Earth, alt-medieval; Poland, alt-recent history


Physical Description:


Serothen is a weredragon. In his dragon form, he is approximately 30' long, nose to tail (with a tail of 10'). Unlike many other styles of dragon, Serothen has no breath weapon and only four limbs- two wings and two rather stubby legs. His scales are strong enough to withstand thorns and such without damage, and he can tolerate much lower temperatures without feeling particularly cold. In his human form, Richard is brown-haired, blue-eyed, Polish, and 6'0".




Richard can turn into Serothen and vice versa. They are technically the same person, with the same priorities, but the different physical structure of a reptiloid brain causes some shift in mentality. More on this below. While he is in a magically active area, Richard receives the benefit of a magical translator, which can comprehend most human languages derived from Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, or proto-Slavic. Serothen's wings are strong enough to lift him in flight; if he is on the ground, he can strike with them with crushing force, enough to cause severe injuries to unprotected humans.




Serothen's scales, while certainly stronger than human skin, are quite vulnerable to piercing. Arrows or crossbow quarrels from short to medium range, bullets, lances: all can harm him normally. His ribs and skull are tough, but the rest of his bones are lightweight for their size they can be broken by undue lateral force. Extended periods of heat can tire him quickly and lead to overheating, although he suffers no special damage from short exposure to fires or other point sources of heat. He has no particular defenses against magical or psychic weapons. As a human, Richard has all the normal vulnerabilities of the race. Finally, as Serothen, he tends to make a very large and noticeable target, particularly for those inclined to dislike or hunt dragons.




Richard was an engineer in Soviet-dominated Poland and has retained those skills. He knows the rudiments of swordplay, shieldwork, and lancework, but is well aware that his best defense is Serothen. Only if he is specifically called upon to defend his honor as a knight will he remain human for a fight. When in a magically 'dead' area, he can speak Polish and English.




Richard has a laptop computer, physically similar to a real-world computer. Before he departed his own, magic-null universe, the laptop was loaded with engineering programs and the Engineer's Encyclopedia, which itself contains structural and other engineering formulae. During the transit, it reacted oddly to magic, and is now approximately as user-friendly as a Pokedex, but gained no other significant changes. He also has a complete set of knight's armor and arms, including plate mail, lance, sword, and shield. He does possess a small handgun, which contains fourteen shots out of a twenty-shot clip. He picked up the gun several months back after Nav set it on the bar and forgot to reclaim it before leaving; he doesn't know the calibre or type of ammunition it uses, so he keeps it only in case someone armed with projectile weapons gets threatening. As Serothen, he has a set of saddlebags crafted so as not to hinder him in flight. His carrying load in flight is 200 pounds. More than that will tire him quickly.




Richard has a distinct hatred of Communism for personal reasons. He is otherwise a sociable fellow. As Serothen, he becomes much more prone to quick action, though not unreasonably so; by dint of the long natural lifespan of a dragon, Serothen is also far more patient when not feeling threatened. He is quite willing to take physical action to defend himself or others at need, but he will not enter into fights wherein he feels himself clearly outmatched or vulnerable.




Serothen, being an affable sort, knows most of the individuals who came from the Tower. He is romantically linked with Terasuko, though somewhat fearing that her superiors will recall her or order their interactions ceased. He knows Serena from a brief period wherein they dated; he still considers her a friend.