obert Hills


Odain Alias: Robert


Played By: Echo Albarn/Steve Sulzer (whoneedsthisreality@hotmail.com)


Physical Description:


He's about 5'8", kinda lanky, but perpetually slouching. His eyes are usually either examining the floor, or watching people go by. They're brown. His hair is short, but he has a perpetual growth of stubble that *does not* make the women go for him. This is also brown. He never says much, just kinda shuffles along. The only time he really opens up is when someone else is talking to him. Then he might go on for hours, talking about the human condition. He wears the only clothes he showed up in, black dress pants, white shirt, and a grey tie. (Yes, shoes too, ya nitpicker.) They perpetually look clean, yet slightly rumpled.


Powers: None. At least, none that the author knows of.


Weaknesses: Normal human.


Skills: Plays piano, sings a bit (Blues style). Knows basic brawling skills.




His Swiss Army Knife, an old Photograph.


  • PHOTO- Depicts Robert and a black-haired woman standing in front of a gazebo in a park somewhere, hugging and smiling. If anyones asks who the woman is, he merely mumbles something about 'the one that got away'.


Personality: Kinda quiet, but a sagelike kinda quiet, always ready to tell a story or help someone out, he never turns anyone away (except if they bother him about the photo). Often takes time to just observe the world around him.


Connections: none.




Things were looking up for Robert. He had a regular gig down at the hotel lounge, his girl was gonna marry him, and he had a real nice apartment, real cheap, too. Then the one day, she left him for another man. 'But I still have my gig,' he told himself, and went down for that night's show. As he walked into the hotel's rotating doors, he found his ex-fiancee going out the same door he was going in. He tried to catch her, to apologize, to say something, but ended up spinning around the doors twice, to land in a heap in the hotel lobby. But as he got up, he realized it wasn't the right hotel.


OOC Purpose:


Robert's torn between the two worlds, exactly the same way he's torn between loving or leaving "her". But he believes that everyone deserves a fair shot, and it's just that he used his up.