oger Ulysses Sirius


Odain Alias: Roger


Played by: MechaCrash


Homeworld: Was future Earth, circa 2286, wound up being an unnamed dimension for six years, his time.


Physical description:


5'9", bit of a scrawny build. Brown hair, grayish-green eyes. He had a garden and helped out with villagey things, so he's not as scrawny as he used to be.




Because of the way Roger's psyche is "designed," it is difficult, if not impossible, to read his mind. Anyone who can latch onto and read his thoughts without suffering from overload probably won't be able to make heads or tails of the massive jumble of voices (52, not including Roger himself).




The same unusual mental structure that makes Roger nearly impervious to mindscans also makes him vulnerable to psychic assaults. In addition, Roger places a lot of sentimenal value on his sword, and tries avoid letting it needlessly come to harm.




Roger purchased some ability with a sword from Gentleman John, so he is now a pretty good swordsman (Eight hours out of the day, Roger's sword skills go up to 'excellent', but Roger doesn't control when this period begins or ends). He's also a decent shot with firearms and hand-held energy weapons, but this is not likely to come into play.


He's also an excellent detective (as this is what he was created to be and why he has so many people in his head).




Roger has Oathkeeper, his sword. Oathkeeper has a three foot long blade made of polyceramic laminate, with a monowire grafted to the edge. The hilt is hollowed out, and the pommel is removable. However, it's stuck rather tightly, and if it were removed, then it would reveal an old picture of Anna, one of the scientists on the Sirius project and someone to whom Roger was very close. Also, there are now the initials "JK" on the blade near the hilt.




Roger will probably be extremely displeased with being back in Odain, but will do what he can to help. It is, after all, his purpose.


That is, however, just for Roger himself. The Others have their own personalities and agendas, and one of them may take over if Roger gets overly stressed. He has, for lack of better terminology, a very solid grip on the wheel, and one of the Others getting out is less likely than it used to be. The chance, however, is always there...




Roger still knows who were there when he left Odain, but it's been quite a while for him.