uby Heart (Christine Rousseau)


Odain Alias: Ruby


Played By: Chris Vincent (lord_deimos_@hotmail.com)


Homeworld: Original (Meta-concepted from Marvel vs. Capcom 2)


Physical Description:


Ruby stands 6'2", has sky blue eyes, and long flowing blonde hair.  She wears a rugged blue cotton frock(pirate's overcoat), a black velvet vest, and a white long-sleeved undershirt. She wears a pair of baggy brown pants, tucked into a pair of knee high leather boots.  Her right eye is badly scarred(and blind), and is covered by a black eyepatch.  Her build is athletic, and very attractive.  When she's not inside a building, she wears a 3 pointed pirate hat, with the side rims turned up.(it's rude to wear a hat inside.)  She appears to be in her mid-twenties.


Powers: Ruby has studied the spells in The Mariner's Tome(see Equipment), and has memorized them. They are as follows.


  • Sublimation - Ruby can fire a high-pressure spray of sand and salt water in a rather painful (especially if it gets in your eyes) stinging blast from her hand.  The duration of this spell is exactly 3 seconds.  The water carries a magical charge to it, which may injure those sensitive to magic.


  • Sea-Ward - Ruby can form a glowing blue aura around herself, which absorbs nearly all of the impact of any sort of moving body of water(such as a tidal wave, or raindrops in a heavy storm, and even a magical burst of water) to the point that it's no longer able to do more than slow the caster down. This spell lasts up to 3 hours at a time, and cannot be cast again for 24 hours after the spell has been dispelled or the duration has expired.  A strong user of water magic would be able to overpower this, however.


  • Eagle's Eye - This spell effectively works like a telescope, allowing Ruby's single remaining eye to zoom in on whatever she's looking at.  The magnification is roughly 30X.




Ruby lost her right eye when a cannonball struck the deck of her ship, while she's learned to compensate for the loss of depth perception quite well, she's still got a rather large blindspot on her right side because of it.  Ruby also tends to think of everything in terms of business or "What can _I_ get out of this?" which may irritate some people.




Ruby is exceptionally skilled with a sword and dagger, capable of using them both simultaneously. She's only an average shot with her flintlocks, partly because of her loss of depth perception due to only having one working eye.  She's also an accomplished brawler, and surprisingly strong.  A single punch to the jaw from her would knock the average man off his feet.  Ruby is adept at using a whip, mostly for the purpose of punishing unruly crew-members, but is also quite proficient at using it in actual combat to wear down, entangle, and choke an opponent.


Ruby has a keen mind for business, and as can be expected, highly knowledgeable about anything pertaining to seamanship.  She also speaks and reads many languages fluently.(German, English, French, Spanish, Latin, and Russian.)


Surprisingly, Ruby also has a beautiful singing voice.  If she wanted, she could easily make a fine living singing at any major opera-house, anywhere.




  • Cutlass - This is your typical pirate boarding cutlass. It has a 24 inch steel blade and has a steel bowl-guard to protect the wielder's hand.  It has a scabbard which attaches to Ruby's belt on the left side.


  • Dagger - It's a normal 12 inch steel dagger, except for the fact that it has a sophisticated spring-loaded mechanism which when activated by a button on the side of the handle causes the two side-pieces of the split blade to become blade trappers.  At a 2nd push of this button, the blades will snap back into place.  The mechanism is very strong and reliable.  It won't jam unless the dagger itself is mangled somehow.  It has a scabbard, and is attached to the right side of Ruby's belt.


  • Flintlock Pistols - Two standard 16th century single-shot flintlock pistols.  They're engraved with the pattern of a vine on the barrels, and have a skull and crossbones carved into the sides of the grips.  These fit inside two specially made holsters on the inside of Ruby's frock, one on the left, and one on the right.  She has a powder flask and a pouch of lead shot, which contains sufficient shot and powder for 20 shots.  They take about 1 minute each to load.


  • Whip - A 10 foot long brown leather bullwhip.  Not exactly lethal, but it hurts a LOT to get hit with it.  She keeps it in a large inside pocket of her frock.


  • The Mariner's Tome - This is a book of information on general magic which is useful to sea-farers in Ruby's world.  The bulk of it's information is about dealing safely with the demons, spirits, and other such creatures one might encounter in her world, as well as a rather lengthy section on many different mythologies and legends.  However, it does contain a few low level spells, which Ruby has memorized, and will be listed in the powers section.  It's small enough that it can fit inside one of the large pockets on the inside of her frock.  It should be noted that the entire book is written in Latin.




Ruby is very practical and opportunistic.  If she wants something, and she's reasonably sure she can have it, she'll try to get it.  Regardless of what it might be... your diamond wedding ring, or just possibly a helping hand in repairing a broken item.  However, she realizes unlawful activity isn't always an option. She views obstacles as something to be gotten rid of, rather than just worked around(since they could concievably place themselves in your way repeatedly).  If you're not useful, then you're useless.  However, she does view most people as useful in some way or another. She doesn't make any secret of the fact that she's a pirate, and she doesn't consider herself a good person at all.  It should be noted that she doesn't feel guilty about it at all, either.


Ruby is very confident, and carries herself with dignity at all times.  She enjoys casual socialization, and doesn't consider herself to be too good to at least be polite to everyone (except when she has something to gain from _not_ being polite).


Connections: In Odain, none.