yo Sanada


Odain alias: Ryo


Played By: NegaDruid


Homeworld: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/"Ronin Warriors"


Physical Description:


A man of 26 years of age, Ryo Sanada is the leader of the Ronin Warriors. Standing at 5'6, his hair is a dark black down to his shoulders and his eyes are a deep blue. Weighing a good 125 pounds, his body is lightly muscled but stronger then one would think. Most of the time he wears normal street clothing to fit in with the people about him. Able to summon about himself the Sub-Armor of the Armor of Wildfire, which is a tightly fitting steel armor that is strangely flexible about his body from the neck down, covering him fully in steel, The sub-armor is also strangely light for all its look. When he calls apon the full Armor of the Wildfire it forms about him is a dark red in color, with patches of blue and leaving the white of his sub armor bare in parts. Two twin katanas fitting snugly into their sheathes on the back of the armor serve as the armor's weaponry. The helm is a dark red with two created blades at the front of it, and a mask lowers from the helm to close about Ryo's face, his neck guarded by the helm and rest of the armor. Also hanging about his neck on a metal chain is a gift from the woman he loves, a medallion of strange red metal that is formed into the symbol of a crackling fire.




Wildfire Armor: Ryo's powers are two fold. First he wears the Wildfire Armor which draws strength from fire. This enables Ryo to heal merely by being placed in fire. Also it causes him to become much stronger in volcanoes or any intense source of fire, such as in the middle of a raging forestfire, a simple campfire or blaze will not cause this effect. Also, being the bearer of one of the Ancient Armors, his strength, speed, and natural fighting skills are increased by donning the Sub-Armor. When in the Wildfire Armor, Ryo wields twin katanas, The Wildfire Katanas, they also having the ability to attach hilt to hilt for when he uses his special attack. Also the Armor itself functions as a self contained environment. When the mask is closed Ryo can breathe underwater or in the vacuum of space even when immersed totally in lava, though toxic gases and other such things could still affect him when the mask is closed. Ryo's armor and performance in combat is greatly hampered by the environmental conditions that are outside of his armor's "sphere of influence" such as underwater or in deep space. Though in magma he would have very increased power due to the powers aforementioned. Fighting in normal everyday areas and conditions does not hamper his fighting ability while in the armor.


His special attack in the Wildfire armor is "FLARE UP... NOW!" which sends forth a wave of flaming, fiery energy, which is hot enough to ignite most combustibles and leave metal and stone hot to the touch, If sent against human targets it would most likely have the much the same effect as the explosion of a grenade or small bomb, sending them hurtling back with the blast and gaining fairly severe burns and concussive injuries. This also has the effect of draining Ryo of strength for a good while, usually causing him to revert to the Sub-armor after it's use, relying more on physical attacks then anything. This special attack's power is much like that of the Senshi, fairly destructive, but not overly so to give a comparison. During the battle with Talpa and the Warlords the armors achieved amazing powers, greater then anyone imagined. But since the defeat of Talpa the powers of the Ronin Armors have returned to their normal levels. Also, the armors are true to their element, Halo sheds light, Hardrock is heavy, thick and strong like the earth, and so on, as for Wildfire, it is blazingly hot to the touch, easily igniting most combustibles, and gives off visible waves of heat.




As Ryo possesses the one of the most powerful armors he also possesses many weaknesses. The Wildfire armor appears to be exceptionally vulnerable to the Venom of Sekhmet's armor, or any intense poison or corrosive. When in the water or in a place of intense cold the Wildfire looses much of its power and becomes incredibly vulnerable to poisons and powerful corrosives or poisons. Also using the Armor of Wildfire can be draining at times, leaving him weak after use, especially after a Flare up now attack or more.


The Inferno Armor drains all those whose armors it took power from, making them weak and less able to fight.  Also the Inferno's power is very temporary and difficult to control.  Weather this is because of a weakness of Ryo or is inherent to the Inferno Armor has yet to be seen. Also as stated, the Inferno armor is totally unusable in the Nexus and even for a time, on his home plane due to the tremendous amount of energy used to defeat Talpa in the end.


Ryo's own personality is also a weakness, like his armor, he has the fiery, charismatic personally of a leader. Also he is impetuous, rash, and very excitable, usually causing him to be the fall guy for most traps the Dynasty has used apon the Ronins.




Ryo has studied many years worth of Martial Arts and the normal benefits therein. Having had the benefits of the battle with Talpa and is army, basically learning leadership and battle tactics and is very skilled as wielding the armor he has been using for a good many years now. He is also expert at mounted combat on the back of White Blaze and teamed combat with the large tiger.




The Ronin Warrior only possesses a few possessions. His Armor is one. Another is the flame medallion about his neck that is a gift from his beloved. He has a few changes of clothing and a few supplies with him as well stored in a backpack. Other then those and a few minor remembrances of the Nexus, nothing else.




Ryo has a fiery, charismatic personality, as stated before. He has the usual doubts and hardships any leader faces in his personality. His rash actions often getting the ronins into trouble and he beats himself up for it afterwards, Sage and Rowen though usually catch those little mistakes in time. Ryo also possesses much to the attribute of his armor, Virtue, strong and daring, courageous and strong, he is a natural born leader. Ryo now also has a deep, unswerving commitment in his heart to Allysandria, his love. Ryo would sooner die then see her harmed and would give his life for her. Ryo's personality could best be symbolized by the animal companion that travels with him. He is a Tiger, pure and true. And he will protect his friends and allies with his life and help lead them to whatever the future holds.




Due to his past history in the Nexus, he has many connections to a good deal of people who were drawn from that reality to the demiplane of Odain. A good deal of the people who lived inside the walls of the Tower were known to him and were good friends to him. The one of more important note is the woman who captured the Ronin's heart. Allysandria Elise Scott. He is totally loyal, deeply in love, and completely devoted to her and her protection.


White Blaze: Ryo's companion is a massive white tiger. White Blaze was the pet of the original Ancient, given to Ryo as a protector and ally. White Blaze is kind and gentle for a tiger, having an almost human intellect for understanding and performing tasks. He follows Ryo most everywhere. White blaze himself has armor of his own, that of the demonic tiger, Black Blaze, the two merged as one and White Blaze gained the demon tiger's armor, it a rich white, giving the tiger added strength and resistance to injury, making it an even better protector. Fighting only in the defense of Ryo or others that Ryo orders him to protect. The Tiger also happens to be well over 1000 years of age, though he acts like a kitten most of the time. White Blaze can also seemingly understand the speech of humans.