ocrates Pulaski


Odain Alias: Socrates


Played By: Amanda Van Rhyn [osfic-goddess@excite.com]


Homeworld: Alternate Earth, original concept


Physical Description:


Socrates appears to be a young man in his early 20s (and, appropriately enough, he is). He's about 5'10", with an average build veering slightly to the overweight; his cheekbone-length brown hair is perpetually fairly greasy, and his overly pale skin still bears traces of what was obviously a bad adolescent case of acne. His gray eyes are somewhat obscured by a pair of blood-red sunglasses with black wire frames. The remainder of his clothing consists of a long blood-red leather trenchcoat (the same tint as the glasses), a plain black T-shirt and black jeans, and a pair of badly beaten-up brown army boots.


Anyone who pays a lot of attention to Socrates's teeth might also notice that his canine teeth are somewhat more pointed than the human norm; however, this isn't that noticeable if it isn't being looked for.




None. Socrates is a half-vampire; however, his vampire race has no unusual powers and are biologically very similar to humans (so Socrates isn't undead).




Normal human weaknesses. (Just as Socrates's variety of vampire has no powers, they also don't share traditional vampiric weaknesses.) Aside from this, Socrates has very little tolerance for vampires and non-humans in general, and his intolerance will probably prevent him from much positive interaction with such 'inhuman' sentients.




Socrates was a computer science student on his homeworld, so he has a solid knowledge of basic programming and computer-related concerns. He also fancies himself a capable hacker and encryption whiz, but he's actually fairly mediocre at both.


He also has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of vampire lore (as created by the paranoid, historically segregated humans of his homeworld); most of it resembles the common knowledge about vampires, but the rest is quite obscure, making it either highly useful or a complete sham (almost certainly the latter).


Other than that, he has the essential knowledge foundation of a 20-year-old college student in a modern society.




Aside from his fairly elaborate outfit, Socrates carries only a few things in the pockets of his trenchcoat. Aside from his wallet and billfold, there are only two objects of note:


  • PDA: A fairly simple PalmPilot-style personal digital organizer. It doesn't have any particularly unusual functions of note, although it holds some of Socrates's smaller documents and cheat sheets on hacking and encryption.


  • WOODEN DAGGER: More a ceremonial weapon than anything of actual combat value, this dagger is essentially a sharpened wooden stake with a hilt. The 'dagger' itself is about 6" long, with the sides of the stake slightly sharpened to form rudimentary cutting edges. It's not a particularly effective combat weapon, especially since Socrates really doesn't know how to use it, but it could theoretically be dangerous in the hands of someone skilled with daggers or stakes.




Socrates is, at least in large part, an angry loser who desperately wants to be someone. His background has caused him to blame vampires for the currently rather unfulfilling state of his life, and he's likely to extend that prejudice to other non-humans he meets. With humans, though, he will make every attempt to be friendly, even if he seems rather rough around the edges and won't budge from his dogma. He'll act especially respectfully, even subserviently, towards humans with supernatural powers.


His ultimate goal in life is to become a great and powerful vampire hunter; if nothing else, he wants to end up as an antihero, the sort of man who lives a life of shadows and unquestioned power and dignity. He will attempt to seek out such antiheroes in Odain and, if possible, learn from them.




The only product of the brief marriage of a vampiric publishing heiress and her human lover, Socrates grew up in an oppressive home and had no contact with his father. By the time he left home, his resentment and cold hatred of vampires was cemented, along with something of a reverence for humankind. Upon entrance to college, he sought out a group with his views and found the Task Force, a group of magical human terrorists dedicated to "fighting back against the vampire oppressors"; he quickly joined and began to work with them as a covert operative, posing as a normal college student while working within the university's computer systems to further Task Force goals. However, after the college began to investigate one high-profile Task Force strike and discovered a badly-encrypted electronic trail leading to Socrates, he was judged too much of a risk and pulled into seclusion, officially disappearing. Unfortunately for his Task Force future, a survivor of his career-fatal strike (one Susan von Durchschnitt) returned home and went public with her experiences to the media; at that point, he was officially too risky for the Task Force to keep, causing him to be sent off-world (and to Odain).




Socrates is aware of the existence of Susan von Durchschnitt and Johnny Montoya, given their actions that caused his exile, and he would recognize any references to them; however, he has no active connections in Odain.