onya Mingol


Odain Alias: Sonya


Played by: KouAidou


Homeworld: Earth circa 2500 AD; Original Concept (Gabriel Project)


Physical Description:


Sonya is a woman in her mid 20s, standing about 5'6 with a slim build.  She has light blue eyes and honey-blonde hair that hangs down just below her neck, but is usually pulled back in a ponytail, which just covers a particularly ugly scar on the back of her neck.  She usually wears normal street clothes; shirts and jeans; underneath a white coat with many pockets.  She usually carries with her a laptop computer and a laser pistol in plain sight.


Powers: None.




Basically, Sonya is a normal person with all the weaknesses of a normal human.  She is, however, particularly susceptible to psychic attacks, mind control, and the like.




Sonya is an extremely bright woman with a particular knack for computers and electronics in general.  She also has decent amount of first aid training, and is a fairly good shot with her laser.




  • Fuel Cells- Roughly the same size as typical AA batteries, except rectangular. Used as a power source for Sonya's computer and laser pistol.  She has 5 of these upon entering Odain.  Upon reaching zero power, they begin to recharge themselves, but each takes about a month to reach full power again.


  • Laser Pistol- A small, sleek laser weapon about the size of a regular handgun. It can be used to fire a blast that causes second-degree burns on impact. These blasts have a range of about 20 feet, and it takes about 10 seconds to recharge between shots.  1 fuel cell yields 5 shots.


  • Computer- A laptop computer, voice activated (it responds only to Sonya's voice).  It contains a database of knowledge on Sonya's homeworld as well as typical computer functions (calculator, word processor, etc).  One fuel cell allows for about 24 hours of computer usage.




Sonya is a person with an insatiable curiosity about the world around her.  She is friendly and outgoing and almost always happy and optimistic, but has a slightly unnerving habit of getting a little too up-close and personal with people when she's talking to them, particularly when it's a subject she holds great interest in.  She can be serious and professional if necessary, but almost always retains her optimistic, positive attitude towards the world.


Connections: None in Odain at this time.