tahn Aileron


Odain Alias: Stahn


Played By: Wilson


Homeworld: "Tales Of Destiny" homeworld


Physical Description:


Stahn is 19, has blue eyes, is about 172 cm tall and to be perfectly honest, looks alot like Gourry Gabriev a la Slayers.  He has long blonde hair with a head band underneath, wears a white chest guard and shoulder pads with blue trim, all of which are made of a lightweight and study material (something a bit harder than tanned leather), a blue shirt and white pants.  He also wears two red/white leather gauntlets and a sword belt with a matching scabbard for his blade.  He is seldom without his swordian (a sentinent magic embued weapon) Dymlos, which is in the form of a rather ancient looking broadsword with a disc like object set in the hilt.




None on his own, but Stahn has the ability to communicate with Dymlos and has access to his powers (like being able to be in synch with an ARM). With Dymlos, he is able to use two (and _only_ two) spells. 


  • Missile Shot- a small, larger than a baseball, magic blast with a blueish hue to it. Despite what the name implies, this attack is fairly weak, being only about as strong as a good solid punch.  They're pretty fast, but Stahn can still only fire one of them at a time.
  • Fireball- this one's obvious, however the fireball Dymlos can cast is almost twice as strong as a regular fireball spell, but it requires ten seconds to charge up.  Also, this thing has a _kick_ to it, and Stahn can easily get knocked over with recoil if he's not braced properly.  Stahn cannot do this more than four times a day (and needs about ten to fifteen minutes before he can fire another one).




Stahn is only able to use magic (and unless there's another sword close to hand, fight properly) with Dymlos, and if he loses the swordian, he's in trouble.  Also Stahn is surprisingly susceptible to any kind of sleep spell, and will go out like a light the moment one is put upon him.  He's _not_ a morning person, and can sleep so soundly anyone could easily get to him and still make alot of noise without waking him (which explains why he's such a sucker for sleeping spells). Oh, and he's completely human too and he can be hurt like one. 




Stahn is an adept swordsman, and is quite capable of fighting with Dymlos or any kind of sword, and has some idea of how to use a polearm.  He's pretty strong too, and quick on his feet (of course, he's not as good as the Slayers character he resembles but is probably about on the same ground with Parn from Lodoss war).  He's also good at fishing.




Aside from his armour, clothes, and Dymlos, Stahn only has a simple travelers bag when he lands down in Odain, which contains a few things one would expect a traveler to carry.




Okay not only does he look like Gourry, he kinda acts like him too, only kinda smarter.  Stahn's a good natured, adventurous kind of guy, and can't stand any wrongs being committed around him.  He lives up to a swordsman's code of honor, and one day hopes to become a master swordsman himself.  Most of the time though, he acts like a country boy.  Dymlos has his own personality and considers himself to be a great mentor, soldier, and advisor, but in truth he's darnright cocky, brash, and can be downright rude (mostly directed to Stahn) at times.  Stahn, or anyone with magic or psionic abilities can hear Dymlos' thoughtspeak, although to anyone else it looks like Stahn argues with himself alot.  He and Dymlos have their own special bond with each other, although they seldom admit to it, being too busy arguing most of the time.  Stahn's weak point, however is girls.  His social skills are seriously lacking, and it is blatantly obvious.


Connections: His grandfather and sister Lilith back home, other wise none.