Played By: Chris Vincent


Odain alias: Tellea


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Tellea is a dark elf.  She stands an even 6' tall, has long coarse black hair, yellow eyes, grayish brown skin, and has a very attractive athletic figure.  She usually wears a black leather jacket, grey T-shirt, blue jeans and black sneakers. She appears to be in her early 20's.




Tellea is eternally youthful, this is a trait of her race.  Her life can only end through violence or illness.




Tellea is a highly skilled and ruthless street fighter.  She spent the first 43 years of her life on a planet consumed by anarchy and gang warfare.  In this time she learned to use any means possible to defend herself and subdue her enemy.


She is also an excellent shot with her pistol, she can easily drop an average sized man running at 35 yards, and shoot the weapon out of her enemy's hand in close combat.


Tellea is a a skilled knife fighter, and can effectively use any knife in hand to hand combat.


Tellea is the lead guitarist in the interdimensional rock group known as "Shrike".  She took an interest in music at age 14 as an escape from the world she lived in, and became quite proficient at playing the electric guitar.  She's on the same level of skill as such Guitarists as Ace Frehley or Glenn Tipton.




9mm automatic- Tellea found this weapon when she was young. It's a high quality hand made 9mm semi-automatic pistol, it holds 20 rounds in it's double clip.  She usually keeps it hidden inside her jacket in a specially made pocket.


  • Ammo- Tellea keeps 2 clips of ammo in a inside pocket of her jacket.


  • Knife- It's a plain looking 8 inch double bladed high carbon steel fighting knife.  Tellea keeps it in a sheath on her belt.


  • Guitar- Tellea's Electric Guitar.  It's a rather plain looking electric guitar, however it is an exceptionally high quality insturment.  It has an amp (speaker) that plugs into it, and requires an electric plug in.




Tellea is at first glance, a calm, well mannered woman.  Nothing seems to upset her on the outside.  However, if provoked she will display quite violent emotions, and possibly assault the offender.


She's hesitant to stick out her neck for someone in danger, unless she's absolutely sure she wouldn't be putting herself in danger by doing so.  This may seem like an act selfishness or cowardice on her part, but it's a result of seeing too many people die because the people they meant to save either didn't want their help and lashed out in violence, or were just trying to lure them into a trap of some sort.  The only exception to this are those whom she sees as friends and children.


She's quite open-minded, and intelligent, as well rich in common sense. She's also an excellent observer, and judge of chracter.  She extends her trust and friendship only to those who she deems to be honest, trustworthy individuals.  She has a softspot for innocence, and can become quite attached to and defensive of someone who displays it.




Anything that would hurt a normal human will hurt Tellea. With the exception of old age, of course.




Tellea is currently in a romantic relationship with Alucard, however she is afraid he will reject her upon learning about her violent past, but at the same time, she feels guilty for hiding it from him.