erra Branford


Odain alias: Terra


Played By: JustinR  []


Homeworld: Final Fantasy 6 (3 in the States) universe


Character Description:


Terra is around 5'2 and 98 lbs, and has green hair tied up into a ponytail near the top of her head, as well as purplish-colored eyes and red earrings. Her out fit is rather tattered, and consists of a somewhat tight red top with yellow trim, and arm bands of the same color, along with purple shoulderguards and a rather ragged pink slitted skirt with a blue sash around it.


In her Esper form, Terra comes a pink silhouette oh herself, and her hair goes much longer as her entire body turns feral. Her form becomes streamlined, and no traces of the clothing she was wearing before the transformation show.




Terra has the following spells:


  • Fire- Allows for gouts of fire approximately three feet long to be produced from either her hands or from the floor. There is some time needed for the incantations, though.


  • Drain- A cluster of orangeish balls gathers in Terra's hands, then shoots out at an opponent. If they connect, they encircle him, drain a small part of his life energy from him, and return it to Terra. The effects of getting hit by this spell are mild drowsiness/


  • Bio- A sickly green glow gathers in Terra's hands, eventually forming a sort of green ball of plasm that flies towards the enemy. If it hits, it's causes an extreme case of nausea in the target, which results in vomiting, dry heaves, and other such unpleasantness.


  • Cure- A minor healing spell that involves physical contact with the person. It can heal up minor cuts and bruises, and take away the weariness that wounds bring.


  • Antidote- Another healing spell that requires physical contact, this spell can heal any poisoning the person might have. This does not include curses or certain types of powerful magical poisons.


Also, if Terra is almost brought to the brink of death by injuries, she'll turn into her Esper form, provided she is conscious. She has no control over this, and this is the only time in which she can transform. When in Esper form, she's resistant to both magical and physical attacks, only taking about half the damage. She also gains the ability to use Riot Blades, which are green energy blades, from her hand and throw them. They cause about the same cutting damage as a sword, but she can't use any more then two or three during one transformation.




While in human form, Terra is as vulnerable as any other person, and magic and physical attacks still harm her in Esper form, only to a lesser extent.




Terra is a rather skilled magician, and has a decent understanding of hand-to-hand combat and piloting magitek armor from her due to her forced service with the Imperial Army. Other then that, she knows about as much as you'd expect of a high school dropout. Her training in the Army was more focused on improving her magical ability then anything else.




Except for her clothes, Terra only carries a Mithril Sword with her, which has a very sharp edge that doesn't dull easily, but nothing magical about it.




Terra is rather subdued due to the harsh training she received during her stay in the army. She's usually very quiet, and obedient. She's also has trouble with her memory, frequently suffering bouts of amnesia. However, ever since her escape from the army and her encounter with the esper Tritoch, Terra has been slowly regaining her memory, along with her willpower.


Connections: Terra would have reasonable connections with anyone else from the FF6 universe.