ilani Locksten


Odain Alias: Tilani


Homeworld: Alternate Earth, Wild West era


Played by: MechaCrash


Physical Description:


Tilani is a wood elf, and as such, is five foot three or so. She has brown hair to the middle of her back and violet eyes, and a tanned complexion. Her clothes consist of a long duster and fairly broad-brimmed hat. Under the duster, she wears a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt, along with her gun belt and ammo belt. She probably has clothes from Zim's world, however. Also, she has a scar on her stomach and back where she was impaled, but she'd rather people not see it.




Tilani has increased the scope (if not power) of her magic in her time with Zim. The spells she could use before (a ball of light, vision magnification) are still there, but she is now able to control water in small amounts for short amounts of time. Doing so, however, requires that she draw upon her bond with Zim, and puts strain on them both. She's trying to harness her own power for this, but her ability to ever do so is quesionable at best. She can also control desert sands, up to creating very small sandstorms, enough to blind and distract up to three people if they're reasonably close. However, since there are no (known) deserts in Odain, this ability won't do a thing for her.




Tilani has all the weaknesses associatied with regular humans. Also, anything that Zim feels, she will feel as well.




Water magic wasn't all Tilani learned from Zim. She also studied unarmed combat, with which she had far more success. She applies a little technique to her fighting, instead of the brawling she used to perform. She also retains her high accuracy with Trueshot, her tracking, and her wilderness survival. She's also tried polishing up on her more domestic skills such as cooking and sewing. She's passable at both.




Tilani still has Trueshot, her over-under rifle/shotgun. The top barrel is a five-shot .30-30 lever action rifle, and the bottom is a 12-gauge four shot pump action shotgun with a tight, non-adjustable choke. The barrel is three feet long. However, the rifle portion of Trueshot is starting to suffer from spring degradation. She can maintain her weapon, but is hardly a professional gunsmith and couldn't give it a proper overhaul even if she was, due to a lack of parts. She has nine shotgun shells and fourteen rifle cartridges. She also has her knife and gun cleaning kit.




Tilani has become far more at ease with herself during her time with Zim on her world. Her worldview has also shifted slightly toward the mystical, for reasons she doesn't understand. She's not quite so easy to rile as she once was. Furthermore, she is in a Pact with Zim, which is a magical link between two people wherein they know what the other feels and can locate them anywhere. She has also aligned herself with the desert in Zim's world...however, that desert is infested by monsters left over from the Blood Clan war. What effects the Pact and the alignment with a tainted desert (which Tilani hopes to someday cleanse) will have on Tilani remain to be seen...


Connections: Tilani is in love with Zim, and knows others from her previous time in Odain, particularly Terasuko, Richard, and Jonah.