revor Crimskell


Odain Alias: Trevor


Real Name: Trevor Crimskell


Played By: JustinR []


Homeworld: Dune Continuity


Character Description:


Trevor is only of around average height (5'10"), but cuts a rather imposing figure nonetheless in his all black Guild uniform, which consists of essentially leather-y robes and a large helmet that comes down over his head and connects to the shoulders of his helmet. A black tinted visor can be raised our lowered on the helmet, and the uniform also features a rather large belt (his Shield Belt). Trevor himself is rather nondescript, pale with short sandy blonde hair, but he has a very red lower lip, and his blue eyes almost seem to glow.




The only "powers" Trevor has are trigger by his usage of Melange, or "the Spice", as it's more commonly know as. Taking the spice allows Trevor a limited form of prescience; usually this manifests as Trevor being able to react faster to events by being able to see them in advance; but in rare cases, (OOCly confirmed with GMs), Trevor can make large leaps into the future, and see possible events before they happen. Overall, it functions as sort of a divining ability.




Despite his equipment and powers, Trevor is very mortal, and can be killed or wounded much like any other man could.




Trevor, in addition to being an apprentice Navigator for the Spacing Guild, is also a Mentat, and is thus capable of large feats of mathematical logic, and is quite capable of piloting most of anything. His Mentat abilities, although still considerable, are less useful in the more turbulent area of human interaction.


Equipment: Trevor has a few items to note in his possession:


  • HOLTZMANN SHIELD BELT: Capable of projecting a personal field around Trevor, the Shield Belt keeps fast moving objects, such as bullets or other projectiles from passing through, but slower moving objects, such as fists and normal speed melee attacks can get through. Worth noting is the fact that using a laser against the shield will result in the explosive destruction of both the laser and shield. Other energy attacks, like electricity, are repelled unless they are extraordinarily powerful.


  • MAULA PISTOL: A spring-loaded gun used to shoot poison darts, the Maula Pistol is more of a surprise weapon then anything else, incapable of penetrating any sort of armor and having only a range of forty meters. The poison is paralytic (the effects of which only last about a half hour), and the pistol contains five darts. Trevor usually keeps it well hidden in his robes.


  • MELANGE: The Spice that gives Trevor his prescience; Trevor has a half kilogram of it stored in a special pouch on his belt.


  • SAPHO: A high-energy drink, Sapho supposedly helps Mentats focus their abilities, but its value is dubious at best. Still, Trevor carries a liter of it with him in a canteen, mostly to help suppress Spice cravings.




Trevor, befitting of a Mentat, is a very subdued person, more given to thinking things through then bursts of emotion. However, he is starting to get rather chemical dependent, as his reliance on the Spice grows greater, causing him to seem increasingly detached and otherworldly.


Connections: None in Odain.