ristan Thedral


Odain Alias: Tristan


Played By: Newaz


Homeworld: Original


Physical Description:


Tristan is a 25 year old human, standing at about 5'11". He has jet black hair and light skin, and somewhat of a slim build. His usual attire consists of a grey long sleeved shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Under his shirt, his torso is laced with numerous scars, ranging from slash-marks to bullet wounds. His right eye is light blue, but his left eye is covered by a thick eyepatch. If his eyepatch is removed, however, the reason for  is immediately known. Tristan's entire left eye glows with a bright green light. And it doesn't *just* glow, either. It's such a glaringly bright light, anyone who looks directly at it without protection would say it's almost like looking up-close into the sun. But of course, the eyepatch is usually covering it up, so it isn't a problem. Adding to that, Tristan is completely blind in that eye, but depth perception doesn't normally seem to be a problem for him. He also has a pair of partly melted black sunglasses, which he doesn't usually wear (because of the damage), but he still keeps them on hand.




Tristan has no magical, psychic, or otherwise non-natural powers that are attributed to normal humans.




Tristan isn't a good hand-to-hand fighter at all. He's completely weapon reliant, and if completely disarmed, is quite easy to bring down by anyone with any hint of fighting skill. Also, he is very vulnerable on his left side, because of his blind eye.




Living in a family-owned armament shop for basically his whole life, Tristan has picked up a few skills. He can use most types of firearm with above-average skill. He isn't necessarily an expert in all of them, but he had enough inner knowhow to be able to discern how to basically use most unknown weapons with a minute or two of fiddling, but it takes more time to figure out how to properly use them. He is also quite adept at using most blunt and edged weapons, and has long trained to be ambidextrous when using them. After the loss of ammo for Opportunist, he has done extensive training with his sword, and has become very skilled in it's use. Tristan has a very basic knowledge of magical items, as the shop also dealt in those. Even so, he is extremely averse to using magical things, as it was his clumsiness with those types that that caused his eye problem. As mentioned before, Tristan's complete lack of hand-to-hand fighting skills are base-to-none. And because of that, Tristan has forged himself to never be without a weapon. If, by chance, he is caught offgaurd while unarmed, or disarmed, Tristan still isn't quite done for. He knows how to use his surroundings to his advantage, and is quite good at using anything he can get his hands on as a weapon. He isn't MacGuyver mind you, but he knows what to look for. Lastly, his lack of sight in one eye doesn't seem to ever affect his accuracy with his weapons.




  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 Action Express: Handgun of choice, and has been customized especially for him. Big power, big recoil. Is usually held in a black holster-belt, holster and gun in plain sight at the front of his waist.  Completely silver, with a black rubber grip, and gold inscription down the length of the handle. The inscription reads, "Opportunist," in flowing cursive letters. The gun is currently without ammo of any kind.


  • "Japanese" samurai sword: Exact replica of the katanas used back in Feudal Japan, only made of titanium and laser sharpened. It's about four feet long, from the tip to the end of the black handle. Without a sheath, it is held in Tristan's belt.


  • Tool belt: A belt that carries a number of wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, along with a small welder, circular saw, and several other tools. Acquired from William Blake.


  • SCV (Space Construction Vehicle): A nine to ten foot all power suit that's about as wide as it is tall. It has bulky arms and legs that aren't very mobile or quick, and two pylons in the back that house the mecha's jump jets, which are used to maneuver in space. The mecha has a large claw on one arm for carrying materials, and a Fusion Cutter on the other arm, for welding and cutting. It's fully airtight, and is built for one person only... but you could squeeze another person in, only it would hamper the pilot's ability to drive the vehicle. Also aquired from William Blake.




Since he has come to Odain, his experiences have caused him to become a bit... defensive, in the way he interacts with others. His temper is easily aroused, and good first impressions are definitely a good thing for anyone hoping to interact with him. His temper can be easily invoked with little-to-no effort, but even if someone hasn't earned his dislike, they will on the recieving end of a curt, non-friendly attitude until they either piss him off, or earn his respect. On top of all that, Tristan is a very vengeful person, and those who get on his bad side will be there for quite a while. But even with all that, Tristan does in fact have a nice side to him under the rest of his personality, but it only surfaces under very specific circumstances.




Tristan is known by a lot of people in Odain, for one reason or another. Most people know/don't like him for his involvement in the destruction of the first Heart, but there are others who have personal grudges against him, such as Owen Dulsinger. In the whole of Odain, he only truly trusts one person: Sonya Mingol, whom he has become romantically involved with, and would go to any measures to protect.