tabara Tsuiko


Odain Alias: Tsuiko


Played by: KouAidou


Homeworld: Japan - Edo period (17th Century)


Physical Description:


Tsuiko's outward appearance is that of a tall, slim, (5'8", 120 lbs) Japanese woman.  She has pale skin, pale green eyes, and thin features.  Her hair, black with a few streaks of silver, is long enough to come down to her waist, but is usually tied and secured tightly on top of her head.  She tends to dress in clothing typical of a woman of her time period; a red cotton kimono with white print, a yellow obi, tabi, and sandals.


Her true form is that of a Kitsune, an anthropomorphic orange fox with two tails.  This form can be seen or detected by people with special sight or sensitivity to spirits as a somewhat translucent figure superimposed over her human body.




All Kitsune belong to one of 13 clans, which are each connected to one of 13 different elements from which the Kitsune must feed and from which many of their powers stem.  Tsuiko's powers stem from the element of music.  After possessing a mortal form, she lost much of her raw power, but she still retains much of the basic usage of her powers, which are as follows:


  • Fox Lantern- Tsuiko can create and control small spheres of flame, up to 3 at any one time, that are about 4 inches in diameter each.  She can control these to float up to 4 feet away from her body, but can also hold/carry/throw them with no damage to herself.  In contact with other objects, however, they will act as a normal flame.


  • Illusion- Just what it sounds like; Tsuiko can create illusions to deceive any or all of the five senses.  The amount of concentration required to maintain these illusions depends on the complexity of the illusion, the size of the illusion, and the number of senses she wishes to deceive.  Her most powerful illusion could take up an entire room, would be relatively simple, and could only deceive one or two senses.  An illusion this powerful would require almost total concentration to maintain, so she prefers to specialize in smaller illusions with more detail, which usually require little or no concentration to maintain.


  • Music- By channeling her spirit into an instrument or through her singing voice, Tsuiko can subtly manipulate a person's moods and emotions.  This can be done within limits; she usually can't manipulate people who are at emotional extremes (violent anger, suicidal depression, etc.), or push them into these extremes unless there are other factors helping her.  She can also cast a variation of a sleep spell in this way.


  • Feeding- Tsuiko's spirit is vampiric in nature, and must feed at least three times a day to keep at full strength.  Her preferred source of nourishment is music; from which she can drain the feeling and spirit in order to sate herself. Musicians with exceptional talent, high spirit, or have a special emotional connection to their music will create the most satisfying music to feed on, and may even boost her abilities temporarily.




Tsuiko is, for purposes of taking damage, completely human, and a rather weak one at that.  Her main weakness is a small white ball that she carries around with her at all times.  This contains a part of her soul, and some of her power.  If she loses it, her powers are cut in half, and she will do almost anything to get it back.




Prior to the events that lead to her arrival at Odain, Tsuiko spent her 6 months as a human being taught in the arts and etiquitte of a Japanese woman of the time period.  She isn't terribly skillful at either, certainly not as compared to a woman who lived all her life learning these skills, but she does have a serviceable knowledge.  Her one real talent is music; even without channeling her spirit behind it, she has a beautiful singing voice and almost prodigious aptitude for learning and playing musical instruments.




Tsuiko's only important possession, aside from her basic clothing and a few accessories, is a small white ball, which she keeps tucked beneath her obi.  See Weaknesses for details.




Tsuiko is a 300 year old Japanese fox spirit who has lived the last 6 months of her life as a human.  She is usually a quiet, thoughtful person, and a little shy around strangers, but tries to be friendly and helpful with people she considers to be her friends.  Despite her long lifespan, however, she is still quite childish in many respects.  She has yet to experience many of the sensations and emotions that come with being human, and tends to see and react to things in sharp black and white.  She will return kindness with kindness, and hostility with hostility, believing strongly in revenge against those who are, by her standards, immoral.  This revenge doesn't have to be violent, or within any time period.  She prefers subtlety and patience in such matters.